Baby we were “Born to Run”…

By Kelsey Schachter

Frisbee MCT

What is that brightness coming from the sky that looks so unfamiliar to me? Oh, wait, is it sun- could it really be you? I’ve missed you dearly, so glad to see you are back and cheery as ever! With the warmer weather teasing us, it’s time to take our workouts back outside and encourage the sun to stick around.

Looking around Amherst you might think half of UMass has decided to join the track team; suddenly with warm weather everyone is a runner. Don’t get me wrong, running is a great form of exercise, but you can’t just have a fling with running, it’s more of a long term relationship.

Personally, I struggle with finding the proper sneaker to run in- trust me it makes ALL the difference. You know that aching pain in the front of your shins, aka shin splints? Yeah those can be the result of running in crappy sneakers. So, while looking fly during running is important, please do not sacrifice supportive sneakers for fashion. Now is not the time for the whole “pain is beauty” philosophy (which under 99% of circumstances I normally support).

If you and running decide to go steady together, it’s important to set reasonable goals like anniversaries for yourself. Planning where you and running are going to be in a year is slightly aggressive- start off with weekly, then graduate to monthly goals. First, see what your mile pace is and work off of that. Don’t expect to be the next Boston marathon winner after week 1- slow and steady is really the way to go here. Just like in any relationship DO NOT go out too hard, too fast, that will just scare him/her away and you will end up injured emotionally and physically.

It’s crucial to find your own stride, what works for you and running. While running is kind of a playa and tends to get around, the two of you still have your own unique relationship. The last thing you want is after 2 months into your love affair with running is to all of a sudden find yourself wanting some personal space. I know in the beginning everything is new and exciting, but remember that you still have friends to hang out. Be realistic, it is perfectly acceptable to only go out a few times a week, consistency is the key here. While this is a long term relationship, don’t feel pressure to be exclusive with running.

There are plenty of other outdoor activities that will get your heart racing, so why limit yourself to just one exercise? Switch it up and play frisbee or maybe tennis. By integrating things that don’t seem like exercise, it’ll give you and running a chance to miss each other. If you want your relationship to go the distance, it’s important to keep the spark alive. Going on the same exact date every weekend would seem safe and comfortable, but can you imagine how boring and monotonous it would feel? Stay out of your running rut by try doing interval training or explore a new running route.

To be honest, running and I have had our ups and downs- some weeks we are soul mates, other times you’d think we were Sammi and Ronnie. But I’m going to prove my love for running by committing myself to a half marathon- not quite a marriage, more of an engagement, but it’s safe to say we are in it for the long haul. Luckily I’m not the jealous type so I hope all of you find your perfect running relationship!