Getting gouged: gas keeps going up

By Collegian News Staff


The average price of gasoline for consumers paying at retail pumps in the Bay State rose 7.9 cents-per-gallon over the past week, according to the local gas price tracking Web database The skyrocketing price of fueling up carried prices to a statewide average of $3.68 per-gallon Monday.

Drivers in the Commonwealth are still making out better than their compatriots across the country, however, as the site’s national parent,, listed the average price of gas a $3.74 per gallon across America.

Throughout 2011 prices at the pump have soared, and oil-free Massachusetts has been hit hard. Compared to April 11, 2010, prices were 91.9 cents-per-gallon higher, a leap of about 33 percent. Even this year alone oil prices have continued to soar. Prices Monday were 18 cents higher than they were a month ago, a five percent increase.
Compared to the rest o the nation, Massachusetts prices have actually escalated more drastically, according to the fuel price tracking index.

Throughout America, prices are up 87.2 cents from April of last year, and up 21 cents since last month, meaning the rest of the country has seen prices jump more recently.

– Collegian News Staff