The Life-Changing Kiss on “Gossip Girl”

By Ashley Berger

A month after the show last aired, it came back with a bang.

Gossip Girl cw
(Courtesy of The CW)

The only thing I’m really concerned with is the kiss. After months of heavy flirting, is Blair really trying to say that the kiss with Dan meant “less than nothing?” I think it did mean something, which is why she was so quick and certain that she was into Chuck. We all know Blair has an exact plan of how she wants her life to turn out, down to who she wants to spend it with. And while that has changed over the seasons, the type of boy has always been the same: rich, white, from a well-known family. Dan is everything Blair has never wanted and I think that she is honestly very scared to try out something with him. Though she had everyone convinced that she was going to confess her undying love for Chuck, her hesitation shows that she is reconsidering. Could this be the most shocking relationship the Upper East Side has ever seen?

As for Lily going to the slammer… It was only a matter of time before her actions caught up to her. But it is doubtful she’ll spend significant time in jail.

What about the new cousin Charlie? What’s her story? Why is Lily’s sister so protective and hesitant to let her stay in New York? And how about that slightly-too-long moment she shared with Dan? Only time will tell what this new blonde bombshell is up to.

Is V really back in town for good?
Where was Little J for the family portrait?
Will C fight for B? Will B go back to C?
Will D fight for B? Will B pick D?
Will L go to prison forever?

Until next week…

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