Update: Holub’s future at UMass continues to remain uncertain

By Collegian News Staff

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This is a June 9 update to a story originally posted May 22.

Speculation continues to loom about the future of Robert Holub’s tenure as chancellor of the University of Massachusetts.

Despite rumblings that the situation would be discussed by the UMass Board of Trustees, no talks into the matter occurred at the board’s meeting Wednesday.

UMass spokesman Robert Connolly told the Massachusetts Daily Collegian Wednesday that the committee charged with evaluating Holub’s performance has not yet submitted its final report to UMass President Jack Wilson, whose term ends at the end of the month.

Connolly said he would keep the media abreast if something into the matter occurs.

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According to the Boston Globe, Chancellor Robert Holub’s days at the University of Massachusetts may be drawing to a close.

A committee that has been in the process of evaluating Holub has recommended that his contract not be renewed when it expires on July 31.

The Globe said that the recommendation “follow[s] a series of missteps that critics say reflect a politically tone deaf leadership style, the latest example being a thwarted plan to open a medical school in Springfield,” according to the paper’s sources.

“Repeatedly, a portrait emerged of a leader who struggles to communicate and build relationships with important allies such as faculty, legislators, and trustees and who bristles at criticism,” added the Globe, paraphrasing sources.

The committee has met for two months to evaluate the Chancellor. At least half of faculty union members who participated in a survey doubted Holub’s ability to unify the campus, build morale and promote affirmative action.

The Globe reports that Holub will likely meet with UMass president Jack Wilson and members of the UMass Board of Trustees this week to discuss the terms of his departure.

– Collegian News Staff