“Yeeeaa Buddy!”… And They’re Back!

By Jessica Troland


“Cabs are here!” “Taxis sono qui.”

The “Jersey Shore” crew has returned and is wreaking havoc bigger than ever before – but this time, they’re searching for cabs and fun in Italy.

The fourth season kicks off as the cast mates gather their most beloved stuffed animals and hair gels to fly to their ritzy and spacious home in Florence, Italy. With rooms assigned and belongings unpacked, the roommates – Jenni, Snooki, Deena, Sam, Ronnie, Vinny, Mike and Pauly D – have no trouble settling into their old ways overseas.

During the first week of the new season, Mike, a.k.a. “The Situation,” takes it upon himself to cause drama as he not-so-secretly reveals his alleged “hook-up” with the not-at-all single Snooki. “Jersey Shore” viewers skeptically watch Mike reveal his love for Snooki. Snooki, however, has a new man in her life – but his name isn’t Mike. This season, best friends Snooki and Jenni “JWOWW” both try – with mixed success – to maintain long-distance relationships with late night phone calls and no random club hook-ups.

The most infamous “Jersey Shore” relationship of them all is Ron and Sam’s. In the beginning of season four it seemed as though Ron and Sam were set on keeping their distance from one another. But as the season heats up, it becomes clear that distance between these two can only last for so long, so back to the “smush” room they go.

Days after getting back together with Ron, Sam returns to her old ways of nagging and picking fights. Ron employs his macho demeanor and throws around some household items – not exactly a wife-beater status tantrum, but his actions make it clear that he’s annoyed. Viewers who were initially happy about the couple getting back together had sudden second thoughts as everyone watched Ron and Sam quickly fall out of the honeymoon stage and back into their predictable and boring screaming and crying fits.

This time however, one housemate took it upon himself to become involved in the couple’s battle. ‘The Situation’, who was the original topic of the fight, stepped in for a brief second and does his best to mediate the fight calmly. Per usual, a small fight between two people turns into pure chaos in the house with more housemates flocking to put their Italian two cents into the fight.

Finally, ‘The Situation’ has had enough of the situation and loses his cool. In a rage, The Situation rams towards the wall and bashes his head up against it, practically knocking himself out cold. Though unconventional, this ends the household fight and sends ‘The Situation’ to an Italian emergency room with Pauly D by his side for emotional support.

Smaller fights occur throughout the next few episodes as Ron and Sam stick to their break. Though generally overlooked by audiences, Deena works up some captivating drama of her own by bringing home the girl Vinny and Mike wanted to hook up with and pulling the robbery. Clearly, Deena is giving new meaning to the phrase “being one of the boys.” Later on in the season, Snooki and Deena end up spending the night together and waking up the next morning trying to piece together a hookup with each other which neither of them can remember.

Traveling seems to bring out the best in these housemates and fans everywhere can’t wait to see what these Italians will do next.

Jessica Troland can be reached at [email protected]