Lady A Does It Again with “Own the Night”

By Jessica Troland

Following their grammy-nominated album, the beloved trio that is Lady Antebellum is back and tugging at heartstrings harder than ever.

Referred to by fans as Lady A, Lady Antebellum stayed true to their country roots by releasing another 12 songs with their new album, “Own the Night”. After breaking into fame with their first smash hit, “Need You Now,” Lady A has ceased to slow their pace by releasing hit after hit. Their latest album “Own the Night” is likely to get country music fans dancing in their cowboy boots.

Band members Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott open their new album with the up-and-coming hit single, “We Owned the Night.” This upbeat song’s light guitar and beautiful harmonic voices sing to listeners about the joyous highs of being in love. Next on the album is the smash hit of the summer, “Just a Kiss.” It is no surprise this was the first song of the album to be released. ”Just a Kiss” is a refreshing love song, focusing on the patience and innocence of love rather than its lustful aspects. Beautiful piano sounds, romantic lyrics and vocal harmonies make this love song hard to beat.

Although Lady A enjoys their fair share of slow, romantic country ballads, the album also displays the band’s fun personality. “We Owned the Night” and “Friday Night” spice things up with a classically fast-paced country feel. Electric and steel guitars create a sound that depicts young, passionate love on a hot, summer night. The band’s fast tempo songs are a nice change of pace from the album’s dominating slow and romantic melodies.

“Own the Night” is an intriguing and easy-to-listen-to mix of old country style and contemporary country music. The signature sound of Lady Antebellum’s soft vocals and their peaceful instrumentals grab listeners’ attention and holds onto it through the entire album.  “Own the Night” will turn many country haters into fans with its ability to blend the genre with smooth rock. The album theme revolves around love, capturing standout and even demure romantic moments in song.

“Own the Night” has a song for every occasion. “Friday Night” evokes the feeling of riding in a car on a warm night with the windows down. “Just a Kiss” brings back the butterflies of a first kiss and the anticipation of what a positive, budding relationship can hold for the future. Lady A also incorporates the heart-wrenching pain of a breakup with “Cold As Stone” and “Wanted You More.”

Jessica Troland can be reached at [email protected].