Stop college fashion faux pas now

By Lindsey Davis

Lindsey Davis/Collegian

Every year, thousands of college students across the country suffer from a tragic fashion faux pas syndrome. But with your help, it can be reversed!

I am all about comfort and affordability when it comes to dressing yourself but there are something’s you need to do for yourself. Tell yourself,  “I will do the following things because I love myself.” Let us all, men and women of today, take a campus wide pledge to end the college student atrocities that have ravaged American campuses for too long.

1. I will limit my “Sweats-to-Class” days to once a week.

We all have those days. The days when we wake up and say the world is just not worth the effort to look presentable today. But wearing sweatpants everyday will not make that feeling disappear. On the other hand, it is still a joy to be lazy once a week.

2. I will not wear plaid shorts until the first snow.

If you are reading this while wearing plaid shorts, then we have an issue. Pack them away on Labor Day. If you have not, there is a one-week grace period.

3. I will never wear my pajamas to class.

Ladies and gentlemen, this applies to everyone. Don’t you dare wear your plaid Joe Boxer pants with slippers to lecture. Being in your “jammies” in class will not make people want to be with you in your jammies in your dorm.

4. I will not wear yoga pants every day.

We know that you do not break out in yoga stances throughout the day. Apply the same rules as in #1.

5.  I will not wear leggings without wearing a shirt, skirt or dress that will cover my derrière (especially if my leggings are see-through and I am wearing my favorite polka dot, sparkly sun-kissed magenta panties).

6. I will not wear Ugg boots like it is my job to do so.

A. Ugg’s are this generations sweatpants. Although I am lead to believe they are comfortable, I pray every season that they disappear in one catastrophic, species destroying, apocalyptic fashion god intervention explosion.

B. If you must keep your Uggs, vow that you will not allow your Uggs to be in the same room as your mini skirts.

7. I will speak my mind on my blog, not my t-shirt.

Personally, I love my “ I only like NY as a friend” t-shirt. However, it comes out on special occasions. Do not let your t-shirt talk for you every day. And remember to keep it clean. No one likes a potty mouth.

8. I will not limit myself to hoodies and North Face jackets as the outerwear of choice every day.

Nothing makes me more jealous of a girl than if she has a fabulous coat. And there is nothing more attractive in my eyes than a man with great outerwear. Guys, don’t be afraid to grab a men’s pea coat and make it your own!

9. I will not wear socks with sandals.

If your first thought is, “But my feet get cold sometimes,” then buy sneakers.

10. I will not forget to wear clothes that fit me.

This is the most important pledge component of all. Everyone can see your body type the moment they see you. Buying the wrong size clothes will not trick anyone into seeing something else when they look at you.  Buying the correct size clothing for your shape will make you look phenomenal! Wear what fits your shape and personality. Clothes that fit your body will make you look and feel like the babe that you are!

Lindsey Davis can be reached at [email protected]