Best costume ideas come from television, movies

By Kevin Romani

It’s that time of year again. Halloween is here, and there is sure to be a large number of costumes dedicated to the world of pop culture. Some will focus on celebrities – especially those with tiger blood – and others will highlight favorite characters from films and television series. Here are some costumes that will be surely seen throughout the weekend. If not, they are ones that should definitely be considered for last minute stragglers who are looking for topical costumes.

Courtesy Jayel Aheram/Flickr
Courtesy Jayel Aheram/Flickr

Charlie Sheen – Sheen had been a big name in the late 80s and early 90s after a string of successful films, and found himself back in the spotlight in the early 2000s as the star of the mindless yet successful sitcom, “Two and a Half Men.” Sheen’s name had never been as popular as it was last winter and spring when his infamous fall from grace and firing from the show took place. His quotes during interviews were nearly incomprehensible and totally unforgettable, most notably that his blood was that of a tiger and that he “was banging seven gram rocks.” This is an easy costume to pull off, as anyone can throw on a pair of sunglasses with a white t-shirt that displays “Winning” written on it. It is also an easy excuse for those donning the attire to act belligerent, an excuse that will certainly be used.

The Avengers – Although “Avenger” themed costumes will be sported mostly on an individual level, it would make for an excellent group costume theme. This would a perfect time for the costumes, as “The Avengers” film is due out next May. Those who choose these costumes would be ahead of the game in previewing a major attraction for next summer. “The Avengers” combination is also great because no one has to fight much over who gets to be whom since every character is equally awesome. Thor and Captain America will be especially popular alone after their hit films from this summer, coupled with Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, Nick Fury and Hawkeye. The villain Loki could also be incorporated, as well as other “Avengers” that did not make it into the film for legal reasons. If the group is too big for these names given, Spiderman and a couple X-Men could be seamlessly included for a superhero filled night.

The Dark Knight Rises – This group costume theme would again be a preview of a major film release coming out next summer. It would be great to base costumes off the upcoming film this Halloween to beat the crowd that will inevitably be around next Halloween after the film is released. Batman is obviously the titular character from the movie and is always a favorite, but newcomers Catwoman and Bane would be fun costumes to incorporate. For those who want to avoid looking at spoilerish pictures online, Warner Brothers have released official photos of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman and Tom Hardy’s Bane. Just like “The Avengers,” several other Batman characters could be added to the group that will not be appearing in this film. The Joker and Two-Face from “The Dark Knight” would still serve as great costumes, as well as the Scarecrow from “Batman Begins.”

The Walking Dead – AMC’s television series begs to be used as a group-themed costume. The zombies are obviously a major attraction, as many members of the group could all share this role. Group members could have a ton of fun creating differing and horrifying zombie makeup and clothing. Additionally, Rick’s sheriff costume would stand out and juxtapose well with the zombies. The characters of Shane, Dale, Glenn and Daryl could be included, even though they are slightly less exciting than Rick’s outfit. They would still be fun and something different.

Eastbound and Down – Kenny Powers has been a popular costume since “Eastbound and Down” premiered in 2009. With the mullet being the key contribution to the outfit, any other combination of Kenny’s various attires could be used. His multiple baseball uniforms and all black attire would be the best options. Additionally, the characters Stevie Janowski and Ashley Schaeffer would be fun costumes to create, though Stevie would be a little challenging, with his hard to imitate hairstyle being the only main feature. The costume would be more in the performance, as his voice is easy to imitate and his dialogue is hilarious. Ashley Schaeffer – played by Will Ferrell – sports flowing white hair and cheap, outrageous suits. This themed group would be perfect for a group of three guys.

These are just a few of the many costumes that will be seen or should be considered this weekend. It will be a lot of fun just observing all of the various costumes throughout the weekend, just as it is every year.

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