Heartbreak in Italia on the ‘Jersey Shore’

By Jessica Troland

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Try as she might, Nicole, better known as Snooki, just cannot seem to maintain a longterm relationship. After a short and anything but sweet visit from her beau, Jionni LaValle, the Italian princess was left prince-less. After the long anticipated visit went extremely sour, the couple parted their ways, sending Jionni back to the states. When Jionni walked out on Snooki for “humiliating him” at a club the night before, Snooki embarked on a screaming rampage throughout the streets of Florence. A tearful and distraught Snooki was bought home to sulk while her best friend searched the streets for her abandoning boyfriend.  After franticly shouting for hours, Jenni, also known as JWoww, hesitantly retired to the house, exhausted and dumbfounded by the drama. Back at the house, Snooki was left to wonder what the consequences will be for her actions according to Jionni and audiences can only imagine the chaos that will erupt if he is to return. Viewers were surprised to find Jionni return, not for his girlfriend but for his bags.

Courtesy Mario Segovia/Flickr

Courtesy Mario Segovia/Flickr

After only six hours, it was “ciao bella” for Snooki as Jionni boarded his flight back to the U.S. Left hurt and lonely, Snooki’s depressing state left viewers desperately wanting the old fun-loving Snooki back. Audiences were not the only ones who missed the old Snooki. As the episode progressed, housemates encouraged Snooki to revert to her old reckless ways, accusing Jionni of “trying to change her,” instead of accepting her for who she is. The emotional roller coaster took an up-hill climb, as Snooki slowly became convinced that she has done no wrong and her boyfriend was the one wronging her. Before viewers could blink, Snooki was back on the phone, but this time she was not asking for forgiveness and Jionnis return, but instead she was demanding a break. Just like that, the old Snooki was back.

To celebrate the return of Snooki to her former self, housemates decided it was time Florence got a little taste of Jersey. As night fell, the fancy Florence pad was transformed into the housemates’ favorite Seaside spot – club Karma. The girls dressed in their shortest dresses and the guys all looked fresh as DJ Pauly D spun his beats in the living room of their homemade “Karma.”

As the night died down, proof that Snooki had returned to her former self was evident as she and Deena found their way into the beds of Vinny and Pauly for some “cuddling.” Deena was unsuccessful in her efforts to get a little more than cuddling with Pauly, and shortly returned to her own bed. Snooki, on the other hand, had no trouble finding affection in the arms of Vinny.  After being on a break with Jionni for only a few hours, Snooki had already found comfort with her old friend Vinny, who seems to be her man of choice given their history together. The actions hidden by the sheets left viewers wondering what the next morning would hold.

Dazed and confused, Snooki arose from her drunken slumber and began to reconstruct the previous night’s puzzle.  Immediately wanting to flea the scene, Snooki woke JWoww and the duo hit the streets of Florence bright and early for a day of mimosas, shopping and fending off heartbreak.

Amidst all the Snooki drama, some housemates revealed drama of their own. Deena faced a brief and drunken pregnancy scare, which resulted as negative while Mike, also known as “The Situation,” continued to insist that Vinny is not the only one Snooki has cheated on Jionni with, continuing his persistent story of his own hookup with Snooki.

The Situation also decided to pull a small prank on the housemates and played a game of “gym, tan, who’s the rat?” Telling a lie to one of the housemates, Mike “plant[ed] the seed” with a faux phone call and sat back to watch the show as he waited to see which of the housemates would be the first to rat him out. While this seemed to be a good idea at the time, the plan brutally backfired when Sam, the proven “rat” leaked the lie to Snooki, initiating a furious battle between the two. Dodging wine bottles and plates, The Situation was chased through the house by a hysterical Snooki. It is probably safe to say this friendship will be put on hold for a while.

Also in the category of struggling friendships is the relationship between Snooki and JWoww. While on a wine tasting trip, Snooki asked for her friend’s honest opinion on the Jionni-Vinny matter. Being the friend she is, JWoww bravely steps up and bluntly calls Snooki out on her wrongdoings.  It seems Snooki is not used to being criticized, as she quickly became defensive and frustrated. Amidst the wine tasting, the two “best friends” began an explosive screaming exchange  as Snooki accused Jenni of being “the worst best friend,” and stormed out. The two reconciled their grievances a few hours later back at the house with an exchange of apologies and hugs.

The guys journeyed to Sicily to meet Vinny’s family for the first time. They were greeted with countless family members and what seemed to be a never-ending table of food, proving true to the Italian customs. New friends were made and Vinny was able to revisit his true Italian roots.

This season of “Jersey Shore” shows no signs of slowing down, with the last episode leaving viewers once again in suspense. Will Jionni give Snooki a second chance once he finds out he’s not the only one she’s been smushing?

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