Heather Carey flashes fall fashion

By Vincenza Parella

Vincenza Parella/Collegian

Name: Heather Carey

Year: Freshman

Major: Animal Science

Heather Carey sat in the basement of Butterfield with a group of her friends, laughing and talking about the wet New England weather outside. Despite the dreary downpour, Carey still managed to keep up her sense of style when surrounded by a dorm of students dressed in casual-wear. It was only natural that the freshman Animal Science major stood out as the center of attention with her chic, weather-defying outfit.

Always conscious of her presentation, Carey looked casual yet elegant in her ensemble made of all bargain-priced pieces which she collected from various stores. The ankle booties she rocked were a mere $25 from Payless Shoes. Although Heather exaggerated that she owns about 95 pairs of shoes, she prides herself in never paying more than $40 for any single pair. The black suede shoes were a great compliment to her cream colored leg warmers, which can be found at Claire’s for only $8.

Carey’s knit sweater dress, which looked just as comfortable as it is fashionable, only cost her $20 at Marshalls. The cream color matched her leg warmers perfectly and was just as snug, giving her a sleek and slimming outfit.

The dress was accessorized with a belt made of the same soft material as the dress. Carey’s intricate earrings – which looked like the Eiffel Tower with a glass bead at the bottom – added a finishing touch to her ensemble by flashing just the spark her outfit needed to come to life.

Carey does not have a specific inspiration for her style, which may just be evidence that she follows her own trends. When she is not socializing with her friends in Butterfield, Carey enjoys dog training, reading and clubbing at local gothic clubs. No matter the weather, this fashionista always loves to look her best on and off campus.

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