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Freestyle Street Basketball enhances reality

By Staff

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Courtesy of Reggie Kwok

Have you ever seen a basketball player leap from the foul shot line to the hoop? In this game, anything is possible.
Freestyle Street Basketball is a 2D sports MMO developed by JCE, and published by Gamekiss. The game has no plot, but focuses on a lobby-based system. There are three major classes: guard, forward, and center. The guard has the ability to play on the perimeter and to shoot three pointer shots at a high success rate. The forward makes middle ranged two pointers and assists in defense. The center maintains the paint by blocking and rebounding. The rules play similarly to a normal regulation basketball game, only no fouls and no out of bounds exist.
This game includes a series of quick, easy games that are short and intense. Any player can pick up the controls to the game and start playing. The controls use the arrow keys, W, A, S, and D. The game requires perfect timing of particular movements and shots, in order to succeed. A center dishes the ball out to a guard that fakes out an opposing guard, and then goes to the corner of the court to shoot the three. The game focuses on getting three pointers rather than the standard two, because the chance of getting a three pointer is higher in the game than in real life. The guards work to make points. The center defends by rejecting any player approaching for a two-point shot. Because these players take different roles, the player only takes on one of the roles, leading to indifference and class stereotypes.
While I played a two-versus-two game, a guard imposed this center role. The guard became annoyed because I failed to rebound the ball, placing the role of rebounding on me, while the guard tried to shoot three-pointers the whole time. Now, why can’t I shoot a two-pointer every once in a while? The center has the ability to dunk over anyone within the shooting range. The strategy I found most useful was to back away from the hoop as I got a pass. When I received the ball, I jumped towards the basket for the easy two, because the opposing center did not expect it.
My point is that the daily player of Freestyle Street Basketball assigns stereotypes to particular positions. The guards and shooting forwards are the shooters, while the power forwards and centers make the rebound shots. Some of these players call for the ball, because they want the points for their stats in order to look like they play well. This is selfish, because these players have no concern for teamwork. Teamwork is essential to the game of basketball.
This game is fun, if only for a short-term relationship. The game is worth at least one hour of your time. However, players should not play for longer than that. The intensity of the game can get into player’s heads, which is uncomfortable for some. Players should opt to take breaks, because bashing the same buttons tires out some gamers.
Reggie Kwok can be reached at [email protected]

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