Give thanks with these Thanksgiving recipes

By Ashley Berger


Thanksgiving doesn’t just have to be about food, football and family this year. Now that we’re all old enough to sit at the adult table on the fourth Thursday in November, you should take this holiday to indulge in some adult beverages as well.

Bailey’s Caramel Appletini

If pumpkin pie doesn’t sound appealing to you for dessert, try this sweet cocktail. Mix one ounce of Bailey’s Caramel Irish Cream and a half ounce of Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka. Shake and garnish with a slice of apple.

Cinnamon Toast

Do you feel like something is missing from your apple cider? For a simple and succulent drink, mix one and a half ounces of spiced rum to six ounces of hot apple cider. For added taste, rim your glass with sugar and cinnamon.

Bourbon Hot Toddy

For something warm and toasty this Thanksgiving, try this recipe. Mix one and one third ounces of bourbon, a teaspoon of sugar and two small cloves. Add a bit of hot water and stir for a hot chocolate like drink that will warm you up this holiday.

Ginger Snap

To make a drink with a kick this holiday season, mix three quarters of an ounce of spiced rum, a half ounce of ginger brandy and four ounces of eggnog. Blend together to make a frothy mixture and garnish with a ginger snap for an added kick of flavor.

Irish Black and Tan

For beer lovers out there, this beverage contains two different delicious flavors. In a pint glass, pour halfway full of some light ale. Top off with Guinness Draught by pouring it over the back of a spoon for a layering effect. Sip and enjoy this heavy accent to a heavy dinner.

Bulleit Manhattan

For a holiday that you spend with your older relatives, this cocktail will appeal to their tastes as well. Mix an ounce of Bulleit Bourbon, a half ounce of sweet vermouth and some cherry juice. Add in maraschino cherries for garnish and taste.

Holiday Mojito

Since a mojito is a drink that can be spruced up to fit any occasion, why not make it to be paired with turkey and mashed potatoes? First, create the apple cider portion of the mixture by mixing an ounce of apple cider, a cup of apple brandy, two cut apples and cinnamon. Heat this for a half hour then strain and chill. Once you make that mixture, add mint leaves to the bottom of a shaker and muddle them. Mix in simple sugar, lime juice, an ounce and a half of white rum and the apple cider mixture. Shake with ice and pour in a glass rimmed with brown sugar to enjoy this zesty drink!

Thanksgiving Cocktail

To make this originally named beverage, mix one and a half ounces of Wild Turkey bourbon whiskey, a half ounce of Applejack brandy and a bit of lime juice. Top the glass with cranberry juice for a potent punch.

Turkeyball Shot

If your family is so horrible that you need to become inebriated in order to make it through the dinner, try this quick shot. Shake together Amaretto, Bourbon and a bit of pineapple juice and strain into a shot glass.

Smashing Pumpkin Shot

For a dramatic drink that will impress the whole family, make this burning good shot. Mix Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Goldschläger. Top with 151 rum and cinnamon and then light the shot on fire for a blazing good time!

Ashley Berger can be reached at [email protected]