Mashups at McKinley on “Glee”

By Samantha Gillis

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Warning: Spoilers 

Courtesy of Fox

The latest episode of Glee was the annual mash up episode that the show has become so popular for. It also marked 300 musical performances on the show with a mash up of Adele’s “Rumor Has It” and “Someone Like You,” which was absolute perfection, but more on that later.

Because of the abundance of characters on this show, it seems that rather than try to squish everyone into every episode the writers have decided to give each character their own episode to work out their plot. This week Santana got her turn. Santana has been particularly mean spirited (and hilarious) lately, and it seems to boil down to her struggling with her feelings for Brittney.

Finn ends up outing her, though everyone already knew, and one of Sue’s political rivals uses Sue’s support of a lesbian in a smear campaign and even alludes to Sue being a lesbian herself. This is payback for Sue’s insinuation that Burt has a baboon heart and married a donkey. Santana takes all the pain and turns it into not only one of the best songs this season but in the show,s history. In the words of Brittney, it was “like having a stroke, but in a good way.”

Santana and Mercedes’ voices work together beautifully, recalling memories of their rendition of “River Deep, Mountain High” last season. The Troubletones are gonna give New Directions a run for their money. I really hope they don’t turn Santana nice. We need our Queen of Mean. They tried to do that with Quinn, and now she is more than borderline psychotic. Plus Santana’s smack downs are usually a highlight.

For what seems like the first time in a while, I actually liked this episode of “Glee.” I think it had a lot to do with Santana’s smack talk. With that being said I still have a few grievances.

Let’s talk Lumps, err, Finn. I feel like the guy is being brought in just to be a bad guy lately. It’s a pretty safe mood because no matter how much of a jerk they make him out to be, people are still gonna love that guy. He could burn down the school in a fit of rage and people would still cite him as their favorite character. Also, why did he get the solo in the Hall and Oats mash up? Wasn’t he trying to give it to Rory? I’m not hating on Finn, he just seems to be having a weird season.

Apparently dodge ball is huge at McKinley. So huge that Santana immediately knew what Finn was referring to when he vaguely challenged her. So huge that Kurt felt it was necessary to ban in order to diminish school violence. I guess the audience just haven’t been privy to the knowledge of their underground dodge ball ring for the past three years. I was wondering why people were always throwing slushies in the hall. Dodge ball practice. Obviously.

And finally, Blaine was dressed like a paperboy. Whatever upset me about this episode, all is okay, simply because of this.

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