The Ultimate Wish: Nov. 11, 2011. 11/11/11

By Vincenza Parella

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Nov. 11, 2011. 11/11/11. This lucky date happens only once every century, and many people are eager with anticipation. Some will get married, some will have birthdays. An almost uncomfortable amount of unique reasons to celebrate the triple 11s include: Veteran’s Day, Armistice Day, the possible end of the world, the opening of an end of the world movie titled “11-11-11,” and a day of spiritual significance for those who believes the number 11 has mystical powers. Sound like an overload? It is, but that is perhaps why the upcoming date possesses so much significance and is receiving myriads of chatter.

But what besides several holidays and possible world end makes 11/11/11 so special? This date is the only same-numbered palindromic date, and since it only occurs once every hundred years it is properly deemed a special occurrence.

The last 11/11/11 occurred in 1911 and on that day, the temperature dropped a whopping 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This random fall gained fame as “The Great Blue Norther,” which caused supernatural natural disasters such as tornadoes and blizzards to wreak havoc on United States landscape.

That creates a little trepidation for what is to come this Friday. According to The Weather Channel, Friday’s weather forecast in Amherst is said to be partly cloudy and windy with a high of 50 degrees and a low of 30 degrees (as of Nov. 9).

One University of Massachusetts alumnus, Gayle Fitzgerald, is a numerologist and intuitive coach. She is also featured on a radio show and has been getting numerous questions about the potential fate of 11/11/11. According to Fitzgerald, there is nothing to fear, not even the end of the world. Friday is simply “a huge energetic gateway into a new world,” said the numerologist.

Fitzgerald explained that the date is helping ascend people to the next level. Eleven is a powerful number that has a very high vibration, which Fitzgerald defines as a “level of consciousness, or light something has.” Because of the number’s high vibration and the fact that the date is 11/11/11, Friday is a day where “thoughts and wishes can manifest easier,” she said.

If someone thinks negatively, there is a greater chance of those thoughts becoming true. If someone thinks positively, however, there is also a greater chance for those ideas to manifest into reality. Fitzgerald can be reached at for those interested in finding out more about what this year’s energy means for him or her.

Perhaps these reasons are why so many people make wishes on 11:11 a.m. and p.m. each day, and will be making “The Ultimate Wish” (as one Facebook group proclaims) on 11:11:11 a.m., 11/11/11. In a way, this date is similar to New Year’s Eve as it marks the entrance into a new era where everyone is making a wish or resolution. Nearly 300,000 people are “attending” or “maybe attending” this Facebook event for the once-in-a-century opportunity for “the most epic chance to make a wish…ever.” People all around the world will be making wishes of love, happy and healthy lives, wealth and so much more.

All this excitement may be because of apophenia, which is “the perception of connections and meaningfulness in unrelated things,” according to Humans are naturally inclined to find relations between unrelated things because the connection intrigues and mystifies many.

Whatever beliefs or plans for this Friday, at 11 seconds past 11 minutes past the 11th hour, simply enjoy life and have fun. It’s an exciting mystery what “The Ultimate Wish” will bring.

Vincenza Parella can be reached at [email protected].