Tough week for the ‘Modern Family’

By Samantha Gillis

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Courtesy of ABC

This week on Modern Family everyone is feeling down on themselves. Jay can’t dance, Cam can’t attract women, and Hayley has never overcome a hardship.

To say the least, the Dunphys had it rough this week. Hayley doesn’t have anything to write her college essay on, so Claire drives her to the middle of nowhere and leaves her. And that’s about it. Not their strongest plot line. Also, still no sign of Alex. Is Ariel Winter working on something else? Or maybe she will be like Morgan on “Boy Meets World” and her character will go missing for half a season for no apparent reason.

Phil wants to build a tree house with Luke ,but Luke bailed when Phil started looking for the nail gun. When even Luke thinks it’s a bad idea, then you know it’s a REALLY bad idea. Apparently Luke is getting sick of Phil’s antics, even if it is for safety reasons. Lame. It seemed with his usually sidekick, Luke, moving on, Phil would be flying solo for a few episodes. That is, until he makes friends with his neighbor, Andre! A brother from another mother, I hope this guy sticks around. Not only does he increase Phil’s street cred but also Phil deserves a friend who won’t make fun of his antics, but joins him. If he sticks around, this can only lead to hilarity.

Since they Dunphy’s relinquished the spotlight this week the other two families shined and got more screen time than usual.

While out at a bar with friends (even though I thought we established they were boring last week) Cam wants to convince Mitchell he can appear straight and pick up a woman. It’s a very funny scene, Cam “gets rid of his flair” and approaches a woman at the bar with a clever pick up and the woman, Katie, has an even better come back. Cam gets the number but later feels bad about leading Katie on. He invites her over to his now ungay house to reveal the truth but it turns out she already knew. Cam is disappointed but Katie plays along to trick Mitchell. I’m guessing Lily hiding is with Alex somewhere.

Jay’s friend, Shorty, comes to visit with his girlfriend, Darlene. Gloria gets jealous of their social life and wants Jay to take her dancing. Jay doesn’t dance. Manny tries to teach him, and Mitchell gives him something to loosen up (baby aspirin, but Jay doesn’t know that). The placebo effect takes place and Jay hits the floor with Gloria. So even though Jay hates rainbows and picnics, he’s still a good guy. There was a funny moment when a guy used the same line Cam used earlier in the episode to try and pick up Gloria.

Modern Family is back next week with an episode titled, “After the Fire.” This makes me super excited.

Quote of the night
Cam: “They said I could have gone Gerber.”

Watch the episode here.

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