It’s Girls’ Week on “Glee”

By Samantha Gillis

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Warning: Spoilers! 

Courtesy of Fox

The whole glee club was back together on the latest episode of “Glee,” at least for the week anyway. Finn has the Troubletones join New Directions for the week in return for not getting Santana suspended. Finn has a master plan to get Santana comfortable with her sexuality by having everyone sing songs “by ladies for ladies.”

Santana isn’t having any of it and continues lashing out. That is until Finn sings “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” I’m usually okay with “Glee” putting their own spin on songs, because it almost always works out for them. This didn’t. This was weird and definitely not the emotional moment I know they were trying to make it. If anything deserved Santana’s criticism, that song was it. I know they already used “True Colors,” but I would have been okay with them using it again, since they seemed to absolutely need to get Cyndi Lauper in there.

After Finn’s creepy ballad, he was back in Santana’s good graces. Her parents took the news just fine, and even though she was getting some weird looks around school, she had the rest of the glee club to back her up. The “Glee” girls sang Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” and I can’t help be feel that Blaine was a little upset that someone was stealing his Katy Perry thunder. If there was going to be any of her songs he didn’t sing, I guess this would be the one, since the words don’t really apply to him. This was actually a repeat song. If anyone remembers, Tina sang it for her New Directions audition.

So even though almost everyone else is accepting, Santana will still be joining Mike in the disowned child club, as her grandmother reacted badly to the news and kicked her out.

Cooter Menkens is still hanging out around Lima for some reason, and both Sue and Coach Beiste are fighting for his affections. Since Sue needs to be in a constant state of battle, Beiste is her new opponent. I see Sue loosing out on this one since she’s already married. To herself.

Shelby is going all Mary Kay Letourneau and sleeps with Puck after he serenades her and uses his extensive knowledge of stitches to save Beth from a lasting scar. Just when you thought Puck was going to reel Quinn back into the realm of sanity, he tells her about him and Shelby. Crazy Quinn is going to be on the loose for a little bit longer, staring daggers into the back of everyone’s heads.

Finally, the election is here. Obviously, the kids of McKinley weren’t going to turn down pixie sticks, and Brittney ends up winning, after Rachel stuffs the ballet box and gets caught, thus disqualifying Kurt. Since she apparently can’t count she puts in way too many ballots and it’s super obvious someone tampered with the votes.  She turns herself in and is suspended for the week and can’t compete in sectionals. It’s supposed to be a shocker but something always goes wrong for them at sectionals, so it really wasn’t. Their bus will probably break down too.

Next week Sam comes back. More characters…just what we need.

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