Vehicle ablaze at entrance to lower garage of Campus Center

By Alyssa Creamer

Alyssa Creamer/Collegian
Alyssa Creamer/Collegian

At approximately 7:30 p.m. Friday night, a vehicle caught fire nearly 200 feet from the entrance to the lower garage of the Campus Center, blocking visitors to the campus center from entering or leaving the lower garage and its surrounding vicinity.

The vehicle, a four-door white Ford Explorer, sat in park as five-to-10-foot flames rose out of its hood.

University of Massachusetts police department and Amherst Fire Department officials were at the scene, and the firefighters successfully subdued the fire within minutes of their arrival.

UMPD Sgt. Randy Kershaw said at the scene that the cause of the fire was yet unknown, but it looked “like an engine compartment fire.” Kershaw said there were no injuries involved in the incident.

Meanwhile, across the street crowds of students watched the Massachusetts men’s hockey team face New Hampshire  at the Mullins Center. The game was still going as firefighters worked to put out the fire and assess the damaged vehicle.

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