UPDATED: Lawyer tapped by Roe former clerk of presiding judge

By Alyssa Creamer

Cullen Roe, University of Massachusetts student whose hearing to sue the University was recently cancelled, sought legal counsel from Attorney Luke Ryan, a former clerk of Judge Michael Ponsor, who was to preside over the lawsuit.

According to his law firm’s website, Ryan clerked under Ponsor from 2005 to 2007.

Ryan is an attorney at law of Sasson, Turnbull, Ryan and Hoose located in Northampton. Ponsor is a senior judge in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts in Springfield.

Roe, former UMass sophomore, sued the University after feeling he was wrongfully expelled prior to a disciplinary hearing regarding his actions during a rowdy gathering after this year’s Super Bowl.

The University’s Code of Student Conduct allows such “interim restrictions” prior to hearings when the student is deemed to be an “imminent threat” to his and/or others’ safety on campus. It also requires that administrators, if possible, meet with the student to be disciplined before instituting such restrictions.

Roe’s family declined to comment yesterday when contacted by the Massachusetts Daily Collegian.

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