M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” shows off fierce fashion

By Nia Decaille

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Femme Fatale M.I.A. reintered the limelight in full force with catchy aphorisms and killer style. It was perfectly reasonable to worry that the politically outspoken music figure had settled into a life of motherhood.  Whether it is her provocative performance at Super Bowl XLVI or sending the media into a spat about her rebellious nature, M.I.A.’s ability to enter the scene with a bang captivates with her unique style.

You must give it to the Sri Lankan and British bred MC. She has an uncanny ability to culturally converse with fashion and music. She wears her eccentric personality by dawning brazen gold headdresses and Salt n’ Pepa-esque cat suits, lipsticks that pop, and high top sneakers. These ensembles snag their glory from old school hip hop trends that enlivened gold hoops, baggy clothes, and the bandannas that are now becoming fabulously tough in the video.

As the beat continues to entice even the most resilient music listeners, M.I.A. wiggles and works the camera in her best mix of wacky tights, oversize print jackets, high waist tribal pants, and decked out fedora. The gowns worn, called jilbabs, from Muslim culture, are offset with safari prints, chunky gold jewelery and sunglasses that are both funky and innovative! The keffiyeh, or headdresses also taken from traditional Arab dress, that you see the men and women wearing are also decorated in colorful bandannas and, yes, wild tribal prints.

The rugged desert terrain, fast cars, and graffiti set the stage for lead bad girl M.I.A. to show off her gang of rifle-toting gown wearing  women who appeared edgy without being too visually “sexy.” That’s an enormous feat amidst the allegations that sexy equates revealing. Judging from the tough feminine feel of the video, it’s true what they say: Bad girls (like M.I.A.) do it well.

This is fashion history in the making that you must see for yourself:

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