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Video: Witnessing the Southwest Super Bowl reaction

By Ryan Pollack

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One Response to “Video: Witnessing the Southwest Super Bowl reaction”

  1. Caitlin on February 8th, 2012 11:43 pm

    I was just reading what the SGA has to say about the riots, to be honest, these riots were peaceful.There were no injuries, no damage to the college property, and as well, if the police had let it continue I truly believe that it would have died down. Like everything else, this situation is blown out of proportion, if left alone these riots will fade into the background and the world will forget that UMass had these riots. As to damage to the school’s rep, we the students are the only ones who can say that it will damage our degrees, with the Penn State kids who rioted because of the scandal with their football coach raped those boys, will their degrees be damaged? Or will their school be thought less of? Our issues are far less problematic. The questions remains for how long will UMass drag this problem out, it should let it fade, take action to those who got arrested, and let it this incident fade.

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