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A Roman weekend

By Julia Kacmarek

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I feel as though I have just arrived in Barcelona, yet it has been over a month since I have moved in. I haven’t done an enormous amount of travelling like many study abroad student have, just a few day trips, and then one weekend excursion with API (Academic Programs International). This past weekend we all hopped on a plane together and flew to Rome for the weekend.

Rome was absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. From the modern Italian architecture to the ancient ruins, Rome was every bit as amazing as I had imagined. It was incredible to actually look up and see buildings like the Colosseum or St. Peters Basilica right in front of my eyes. I have taken many semesters learning Latin and ancient Roman culture, and for me, seeing the buildings that I had only seen in textbooks day after day for years, was magical. I was nothing short of speechless when seeing these sites and thinking about the history in which they have been a part of, and the Roman emperors who had stood in the very same places. I was totally awe- struck in this city.

As amazing as my Rome weekend sounds, there was also a slight bump in the road. Apparently, it was the first time it had snowed in Rome in 20 something years, and the Colosseum and Roman Forum were closed to tours. Devastating news, but we made the best of our weekend site seeing from outside in the frosty weather. Other places we visited were the Trevi Fountain (yes I made a wish), Spanish Steps, and Vatican City.  Although many of the ancient sites were closed due to weather, I thought for sure we would be able to see the Sistine Chapel at some point during the weekend, but surprise! It was also closed due to some local holiday.

As awful of a weekend it was to travel to Rome, I fell in love with the city. I really and truly felt like I was stepping in a time machine when I saw all of the ancient ruins. It made me feel like I was part of something bigger, something larger than me. I have never had such a feeling before, and it was definitely not the last time that I wanted to feel it. I guess not being able to tour all of the places I wanted to gives me all the more reason to travel there again someday, right? I say so!

Oh, and the incredible amount of carbs weren’t so bad either!

Julia Kacmarek can be reached for comment at [email protected].

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