Spring Broke

By DailyCollegian.com Staff

Courtesy MCT/Campus

Spring break evokes a certain kind of image; an image of tan lines, tropical drinks, and yellow polka dot bikinis. Our imaginations get carried away as we picture scenes of Palm Beach and Cabo San Lucas floating through our heads. Then reality hits. We begin to realize that to get to such dreamy destinations, we must buy our way there. With student loans piling up, expensive books to buy and not-so-cheap weekends to look forward to we watch our idyllic picture of spring break disappear. So, what to do?

Universities grant us this one week to forget about the papers, the tests and the dreaded 8 a.m. classes. We may not have the money to travel to paradise, but there certainly are other options from which to choose. It all depends on how much you want to get out of your spring break.

Here are a few ideas on how to enjoy your spring break without burning a hole in your pocket.

The couch potato’s spring break

Be that person – don’t do a thing. You’ve spent all semester working your butt off in school and at the gym. Now it’s time to kick back on the couch, freeload off your family, and eat inordinate amounts of food. You deserve it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

The cash lover’s spring break

Unfortunately you didn’t get your funds in order this semester. You wont be letting that happen two years in a row. Call that old boss, babysit every kid in the neighborhood and convince your parents to reinstate allowance. You’ve got money on your mind and you won’t stop until you have that hotel booked for the next spring break.

The Smart Traveler’s spring break

Getting sick of your college friends? It might be time to buy a bus ticket and visit your hometown friends. Luckily for you, not every school has spring break at the same time. Now is your chance to save the money you would’ve spent on hotels and crash on your friend’s floor while mooching off their meal plan. It’s likely their parties won’t compare to those of the Zoo, but hey, what would you be doing otherwise?

The local tourist’s spring break

We’re constantly trying to get away, but we rarely take advantage of what we have in our own back yards. The majority of us are from Massachusetts, home of some of the best sports teams and the most notorious historical landmarks. Find cheap tickets to the Celtics or Bruins and make a night out of it. Take the train into Boston, grab a slice at Pizzeria Regina and walk the Freedom Trail. There’s no reason you cannot enjoy what your hometown has to offer.

The philanthropist’s spring break

Make your spring break about someone other than yourself. Giving back to the community is one of the most fulfilling experiences in which one can engage. It can be as simple as volunteering at a local shelter or soup kitchen. Or you can take it to the next level and sign up for a service trip. This year, the Hillel House is running an alternative spring break trip to New Orleans and there are many more options out there. Although it is too late to sign up for this upcoming spring break, there’s no harm in looking into it for next year.

Though these ideas may not sound as appealing as listening to the waves crash on the shore or body surfing in the Caribbean, do the best with what you’ve got and embrace your time off, because it will be finals week before we know it.

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