Fantazia coming to UMass

By Hannah Friedstein

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MASS EDMC and NV Concepts are teaming up once again to bring a large-scale show to the Mullins Center to end the season with a bang.


The EDM spectacular, titled “Fantazia 360,” is highly anticipated for its unique visual displays and interactive qualities. It will be held this Saturday.

Unlike past shows, “Fantazia” will incorporate theatrical performances that will complement the three DJs that will be featured throughout the night. Both MASS EDMC and NV Concepts wished to end the spring semester with a type of show that has not even hit the United States yet.

The 360 degree concept – based on the large-scale stage at Sensation, Europe’s EDM music festival – has been in the works for several months and will be sized down to fit the floor of the Mullins Center. The three artists that will be performing upon the rotating stage are DSK CHK, Bamboora and Rapture.

Opening the show will be Rapture, the alter ego of local favorite DJ Construc. His unique turntable skills will bring a one-of-a kind feel to electronic dance music. From electro to dubstep to moombahton, Rapture is able to mix these genres effortlessly.

Next is DSK CHK, a group based out of Las Vegas that made its name known by opening for Rusko earlier this year at the Mullins Center, as well as by performing in the Winter White Tour weeks later. Donning Guy Fawkes masks, they truly bring a unique experience both audibly and visually. Tim Bonito, founder of NV Concepts and close friend of DSK CHK, mentioned in a recent interview with the Massachusetts Daily Collegian that the DJs “represent the notion that identity should remain irrelevant, and only the music along with experience should be idealized.”

Bamboora, a well-known DJ/producer on the East Coast, has combined the groove of dance music with bone-crushing bass to make his name known. He has become a resident DJ at prestigious Boston clubs, such as Splash Ultra Lounge and the Ocean Club. Bamboora proves to be quite versatile with his background of various types of electronic music, covering funky house, progressive, big room and tribal. He has opened for such big names in the EDM sphere – like Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Avicii and Axwell.

The DJs set to perform this Saturday are all local artists who have grown tremendously throughout the year and have made their names known up and down the East Coast and across the country.

When asked why these particular DJs were chosen for the premiere of this combination of theater and EDM, Bonito noted that both NV Concepts and MASS EDMC “know these artists all personally, and the level of dedication to this show in particular for each of them has been tremendous. We could not put this show on with just any DJ, as there are a number of choreographed and syncopated scenes happening during their sets.”

Each DJ will bring his own unique sound to align with Cirque du Soleil-esque acts aimed at dazzling and amazing the audience.

When asked where the 360 degree idea originated, Bonito said the concept was in the works while planning the Winter White Tour but was prevented due to timing and logistics.

Added Bonito: “The inspiration is to create a true 360 degree EDM experience for the fans, both from an audio and visual standpoint. We have seen what Sensation has done in Europe with their 360 degree set-up, and we wanted to be the first to create this experience in the US, especially for college markets at an affordable price point. Keep in mind, we by no means are comparing our set to Sensation, as their set is massive and made for 10,000 people.”

Students should expect a highly interactive night of entertainment with some of the talent coming all the way from New York. Flambeaux Fire Performers – including fire dancers, aerialists, contortionists and stilt walkers – are all set to perform alongside the DJs in a choreographed performance at the center of the Mullins Center floor.

Although the show is days away, general admission tickets can still be purchased at the Mullins Center Box office and through Ticketmaster for the price of $30.

Hannah Friedstein can be reached at [email protected]