Gym gear for the penniless

By Eleine Fang


Still procrastinating on your New Year’s resolution to work out and get fit? It’s never too late to start on that beach body, and here are some great places to get affordable gym gear.

Forever 21 is known for their inexpensive, fashionable and comfy clothing. Their active wear is made with bright colors and breathable material. Their sport bras range anywhere from just $8.80 to $13.80. They also sell racerback tank tops as well as ribbed and athletic tanks starting at $9.80. They come in either patterned or solid neon color looks so you can stand out while you’re sweating it out. Another great buy here are the athletic shorts that start at only $4.80. Show off your buns of steel in these lightweight knit pants.

So, you really want name brand active wear for your workout wardrobe, but the price is sky high. Cool your jets man, Bob’s Stores has got your fix. Ranging from Adidas to Under Armour, Bob’s Stores gives you these brands for cheap. They also offer brands like Soffe which offers jersey knit shorts and mesh shorts starting at only $10. Bob’s Stores also has nearly constant blowout and clearance sales that slash already inexpensive prices. offers an incredibly wide variety of durable running shoes for both men and women from New Balance to Nike. We all know running shoes can cost a small fortune, but Zappos sells them at the best prices available. The greatest part about this is that if you’re not sure which size sneaker you are, they will send several sizes over to you so you can pick the best fit. Their customer service team is very helpful and can answer just about any shoe-related question you may have. They also sell active wear, so you can get your mesh or basketball shorts to match those fancy running shoes.

Are you not a fan of online shopping, but crave the low prices the web offers? Stores like Rack Room Shoes at the Holyoke Mall offer great deals like buy-one-get-one-50-percent-off. Your wallet will definitely thank you. They have almost every type and size of sneaker, and the shoes range from $30 and up, including several lightweight, stylish designs. Also available for purchase are shoe inserts, which can give your shoes a more comfy fit.

On that note, if you don’t want to buy a lot of workout wear or purchasing additions to your workout wardrobe just isn’t fiscally possible, use those free UMass shirts. You know the ones you can win by just liking something on Facebook or attending a sporting event. You can even get one by just walking up to tables in the Campus Center and vaguely expressing interest in the registered student organization handing them out.

Fashion may not be the main motivator for working out, but someone once said, ‘If you look good, you feel good,’ and placing yourself in a better mood might make you more inclined to step on that elliptical.

Eleine Fang can be reached at [email protected]