Spring Fashion 101

By Nia Decaille

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Courtesy of Charlotte Russe

The sun has decided to grace our presence once more in Amherst. It will hopefully be several months before we will have to wear woolen sweaters and heavy scarfs. No more will the fashionable UMass community have to tuck away that sun dress, waiting for better weather. The time is now to pack away those knits and layers and show a little more skin.  For a wardrobe that is fun, easy, and  spring-friendly, here are the must-haves:

Yes, we have seen it before. Two years ago it was a big trend that came  in a whirl wind with skinny jeans and the dance craze “jerking.” Bright color jeans were seen everywhere, and for a while I was sick of them. However, the fun spring colors have changed my mind about these flourescent jeans. Mall standards, like American Eagle, Urban Outfitters,  or Forever 21 carry them.

A light-weight blazer adds a touch of class to any spring wardrobe. Any tee shirt and jeans can be all dressed up with one of these. Experimenting with more vibrant shades like teal, pink or even the classic black is perfect for going out at night or ventures during the day. This is also good for unpredictable chilly weather.

Where there is sun, there is a need for shorts. High waisted, low rise, jean material, linen or whatever you prefer, a good pair of shorts will show off those legs you’ve been hiding away all winter. If a shopper plays their cards right you can have a cute butt and save a few bucks.

Spring isn’t all about finally tearing off all those clothes you may or may not wear. It’s also important to consider that covering up can be just as cute as showing skin, with the right style. The boho chic style is the perfect example of this. A long, flowy skirt with simple tank top can make an outfit for class or hanging out on the weekends.

Finally, the best part of any fashionable outfit is shoes. Instead of just a combat or ankle boots, opt for more easy going foot wear. Canvas shoes like TOMS, Keds, loafers, or sandals are the perfect way to either show off that new pedicure or wear shoes you could not in the winter.  Whether your walking into town or just to class, you can have more fun with your feet and be comfortable doing it.

Spring brings forth whole new challenge and any one of these items can help you acclimate to the arbitrary sense of warmer weather in western Massachusetts.

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