The new Procrastination Station is worth checking out

By Purti Pareek

Matt Modica/Collegian
Matt Modica/Collegian

As classes gear into full swing, I’m sure we all have our share of papers to write, exams to study for, and homework to get done. Most of us will rush to library, which is pretty great, if not down right fabulous and the best in the nation. However, how many of us have noticed the new and cleverly created Procrastination Station at the back of the first floor? Being a freshman, I recently pulled my first all-nighter of college, and that is where I spent the night working to get my paper done. Even at 4am when I needed my 4th cup of coffee, the cashier was as happy as could be.

Along with being open 24/5 (which is amazingly convenient), The Procrastination Station has great coffee, and the best three-cheese sandwich I’ve ever eaten. Now I don’t know about you guys, but those two reasons alone are enough for me to spend my late nights there.

In addition to all of that, the new and improved coolers offer a wide selection of drinks and prepackaged sandwiches and salads. So in case you aren’t a big coffee drinker, or just need a pick me up, be sure to check out the side fridges to find something to your liking. If that’s still not enough to convince you that the new Procrastination Station is probably the best place on campus, the plasma TVs covering the walls will. Not only were they showing reruns of “How I Met Your Mother” (which, let’s face it, is the best show in the universe) but they also had several other TV displaying news channels, ESPN, and other cable networks for everyone’s interests.

So as you start writing your papers, or rather, procrastinating on them, check out the procrastination station to fulfill your needs!

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