A transfer’s take on UMass weather

By kate casler

Courtesy of Flickr

I’m a transfer student here at UMass, coming all the way from sunny San Diego, California. You might be wondering why I left the mild climate and beautiful beaches of Cali to come out here. I tend to get that question a lot. But if any of you came out to San Diego, I’d be asking you what the heck you were doing there. Wouldn’t you miss seasons?

However, as this is my first year experiencing New England or even the east coast at all, there have been a lot of new things I’m experiencing out here that I just do not understand. If there is some secret to fall in New England, please clue me in. First and foremost, it is really complicated to plan an outfit here. For starters, it’s hot and rainy all at once. How am I possibly supposed to dress for that, rain boots and shorts? Sorry, but my dignity does not allow for that. I have yet to have a day where I didn’t have to change multiple times.

Everyone says the key is layers, but unless I can layer up my legs and switch from pants to shorts in public that advice isn’t cutting it. So when mornings are in the 40’s, I dress in pants, sneakers, even avoiding my really cute boots because I know they will be a hindrance in just a couple hours. I top it off with a tank top, a thin long sleeve shirt and a jacket. This works for a while but after my second class it is a sweltering 80 degrees, so even after going down to my tank top I’m still hot. Unless my pants and converse can magically turn into shorts and sandals this outfit will not work. By the time I get back to my dorm I’m hot, sweaty and in need of a shower. Add humidity, which my hair cannot seem to figure out, and I’m done. When I finally get into a suitable outfit, it’s time to go out for dinner and it is pants and jacket weather again.

Maybe my San Diegan body just hasn’t acclimated yet, but it’s distressing walking around campus and noticing that everyone else seems just fine. Apparently I’m the only one having this issue. So please tell me your secrets because frankly UMass, I just don’t understand.

Kate Casler can be reached at [email protected]