Fashion essentials for the simple man

By Stephen Margelony-Lajoie

Katherine Lynn/Flickr

For me, simple has always been the highlight of my sense of fashion. Less is always more, never sometimes, and simplicity can be just as stylish as pulling all of the tricks out of the bag. Still, you’re going to need to be packing the right essentials if you want to go from simpleton to simple chic.

Blue Jeans

James Dean’s public image in the 1950s immortalized the rugged and classic look of a nice pair of blue jeans. My suggestion? If you don’t already own a pair, stop reading this immediately and drive to the nearest Calvin Klein store. You won’t regret it. You can never go wrong with a pair of blue jeans and you can create looks that range from the bad boy to a Hamptons vacationer depending on what you choose to pair them with.


Converse shoes prove that simple can be sleek and stylish. The solid colored, classic Chuck Taylor All Star shoe is a perfect fit for when you want to complete a look. Converses also come in more, not-so-simple designs, but the fact remains that you don’t need flashy sneakers to stand out.


My favorite part of the fall and winter seasons is getting to dig out my favorite sweaters and also pick up some new ones. Keeping simplicity in mind, a solid colored sweater is another classic look that will never fail you. Also, simple patterns like stripes or sweaters with elbow patches are more looks that are sleek and sophisticated.


With the changing weather, you might be considering buying a new jacket or coat. For those who like a more sophisticated look, a black pea coat will never go out of style.  Faux leather jackets and trench coats are also simple, chic outerwear options that can keep you warm this winter.


Yes, you didn’t see any sweatshirts on the runways this fall, but there’s still something so American about a nicely fitted sweatshirt and jeans. Just remember that what you wear under your sweatshirt is just as important as the sweatshirt itself, especially if what you’re wearing underneath is really visible. Wear a colorful shirt underneath a plain, solid colored sweatshirt to show a glimpse of your wild side or just wear a plain white tee underneath.


These shirts can be matched with a pair of jeans to create a stylish look that any guy can rock. You don’t have to stick the usual solid colored looks that I talked about before, though, if you’re rocking a V-Neck with a pair of jeans. Find a color that complements your skin tone and you’ll have a look that you can take club hopping or wear on a regular school day.