How I Met Your Mother Recap: Episodes 2 and 3

By Purti Pareek

Now that our favorite show is back in full swing, let’s discuss this whole “pre-nup” situation in the second episode. I wish that the directors of the series gave more consideration to the viewers that have been anticipating this season. Episode two left me with that unsatisfied feeling that comes from a filler episode.

I suppose two important things happen; Barney breaks up with Quinn and we see a future flash that he will be marrying Robin. I think we all saw Barney and Quinn breaking up. Seriously, they were just way too perfect together and on this show perfect is never quite what it seems. It’s kind of weird how the pre-nup fight trickled down to the rest of the couples. Marshall and Lily are already married and Robin and Nick and Ted and Vanessa are not even close to getting married.

Now to episode 3! I thought episode 3 was much better and resembled the rest of the series more. I’m so glad there was more of Marshall and Lily in this episode because they are such a dynamic duo and really embody the essence of HIMYM.

We also witness the return of single Barney! That was super exciting, but I did expect him to have more of his game back then he did. I guess the directors are trying to show us that even people like Barney need to be tied down sometimes. I think that’s debatable.

It seemed like Robin and Ted were sort of rekindling an old flame by fighting about who is happier in their respective relationships but we already know that Robin marries Barney. I really do wonder what is going to happen with Ted! We have seen almost everything on this show, except for the main character’s real story.  The anticipation is killing me, and I’m sure all of you, as well! We will just have to wait until next week’s episode for more clues about Ted’s future wife.

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