Men’s rugby falls to Boston College

By Kat Kent

The Massachusetts men’s rugby team fell to Boston College, 9-0, in a well-matched game on Saturday afternoon in its last home affair of the season.

All three goals for the Eagles (5-0) were scored on penalty kicks; two in the first half and the final in the second half.

Heading into halftime, BC had already gained a 6-0 lead, while the Minutemen (2-4) remained hopeful that they could get back in the game on their home turf.

The two teams were evenly matched, and UMass was unable to secure a goal in hopes of tying the score.

In the second half, the Minutemen had one opportunity to secure a score through a kick, but missed the field goal, keeping the deficit at six. After a game full of successful scrums and line-outs, the Eagles scored their last goal, ending any chance of a UMass comeback.

The Minutemen remain hopeful for a better result in their last game of the season at Connecticut on Saturday.

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