Classy cocktails to indulge on Halloween

By Gabe Scarbrough

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Halloween is a magical time of year. Children dress up in fantastical costumes and wander the streets of America with their parents knocking on strangers’ doors and receiving candy. On any other day of the year this would make no sense, but for one night everyday social norms are set aside in the name of fun.

College students also dress up for Halloween but they do not tend to trick or treat. The typical college Halloween involves throwing on a last-minute costume, heading to a single house – potentially a stranger’s but usually an acquaintance – and partying until it’s November.
So, if you’re going to dress up as the Hulk and get smashed you might as well at least drink some classy cocktails in the process.
The Zombie is a classic, and more timely than ever given the recent fascination with the undead, though the name allegedly actually originated from the state it leaves those who drink it in.
This is a strong drink so use caution. While it is delicious you don’t want to actually test your mortality by flirting with alcohol poisoning. That said, you are probably going to want to have more than one.
Its ingredients are:
1 part white rum
1 part golden rum
1 part dark rum
1 part apricot brandy
1 part pineapple juice
½ part 151-proof rum
1 part lime juice

If you’ve never worked with “parts” before, they just mean an equal measure. So if you are an amateur bartender and own a jigger then you would work in proportions of that. If you don’t, and you probably don’t, you can always improvise and measure with a shot glass.
All you have to do is mix everything but the 151 in a shaker, or some other improvisation if necessary, with ice. Then just pour into a glass, and add the 151. Because of the high proof of the drink, if you wanted to light it on fire you could, and you probably do want to. You probably shouldn’t though if this isn’t your first drink. You might end up looking like Freddie Krueger if you don’t play your cards right.
The Brain Hemmorrage is a little less traditional. Its name derives from its appearance, which makes it perfect for a night of terror and Thriller dances. It is a sweet-tasting drink that looks positively ghastly.
Its ingredients are:
1 oz peach schnapps
1 tsp Irish cream
1/2 tsp grenadine

First, you pour in the peach schnapps and then you add in the Bailey’s at a snail’s pace, which allows it to clump together and float in the glass. Finally, you add the tiny bit of grenadine. And now you have a disgusting looking shot that tastes great. Its texture is a little interesting though. It has been compared to swallowing a loogie in the past, so you do pay a cost for its disgustingly good looks.
The Jagermonster is simple, sweet and to the point. It has a small list of ingredients and you don’t have to do anything fancy. If you were going to throw one of these together quickly, this would be the one.
Its ingredients are:
1 oz Jagermeister
1 dash grenadine syrup|
5 oz orange juice

All you have to do is pour the Jager over ice and then the orange juice and grenadine. That’s it. It tastes like a Jager infused Screwdriver and looks more than a little like blood. Perfect for All Hallow’s Eve.
The final step in all of these recipes is to have a great time and stay safe. Enjoy your spirits, but don’t become one.
Gabe Scarbrough can be reached at [email protected]