The best costume looks for couples

By Araz Havan

Justin Surgent/Daily Collegian

Are you and your significant other still looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Couples costumes are fun because they are all about collaboration and commitment, and ideas can be found everywhere, from superheroes to food to pop culture. If you’re stumped for ideas, here are some low-effort costumes that you’ll need another person to help you pull off.

Waldo and Wenda
Even if you never owned a “Where’s Waldo” book when you were younger, you probably knew somebody who owned one and spent a few hours with them trying to find Waldo and his friends. Waldo has become an iconic literary figure with an instantly recognizable outfit, making him the perfect costume candidate.
For a couple that wants to dress up together, Waldo conveniently has a girlfriend with a very similar fashion taste: blue jeans and red-and-white horizontal striped tops and hats. They both wear glasses and have fun accessories too. Waldo carries a cane and a camera around his neck –along with other knickknacks that he strews about in public places. Wenda has a red and white umbrella.
Waldo and his friends also make great group costumes: his posse includes a wizard, Odlaw, and Woof, his dog.

Mac and cheese
Everybody loves mac and cheese. It is the quintessential college meal, so why not make it your Halloween costume this year? It’s an easy costume to make with very few supplies. First, find a big box that is large enough to wear around your body, color it yellow and then cut holes in it. Voila, you are now Swiss cheese.
For the macaroni, go crazy with craft glue and stick elbow noodles all over your clothing. If you are worried about making your clothing un-wearable, cut large macaroni shapes out of paper and tape or safety pin them to yourself instead. You two are now macaroni and cheese even sharper than a can of Chef Boyardee.

Miley Cyrus and her bear
Miley is more relevant to pop culture than ever, so people will know who you are immediately if you choose this look. Thanks to her fateful VMA performance and bizarre music videos, you and your beau have a whole slew of looks to choose from. To get her VMA look, tie your hair up into two small, tight buns on the top of your head and add a shock of red lipstick.
For clothes (which are minimal) wear a flesh colored tank top and, if you own a pair, flesh colored shorts. Keep in mind, the smaller the better. White works also, but is less accurate if that is of concern. For her bear companion, put on some pink rounded ears, bear face paint and a grey sweat suit paired with bright sneakers. If you need a reference, look literally anywhere on the Internet.

Paper Bag Princess and Prince Roland
For those who want to be a more obscure costume duo, take a cue from the children’s book “The Paper Bag Princess.” Princess Elizabeth is a regular princess in the Middle Ages set to marry Prince Roland, a pompous prince who deserves the Black Plague he unfortunately never contracts.
Princess Elizabeth goes from wearing fancy clothing to a paper bag dress and a burnt crown after a dragon burns her kingdom down in a random act of unkindness. Paper bags are easy to find, so it won’t be a challenge to find and make this costume with little more than a pair of scissors. Give your hair a burnt look and top with a ruined crown. For Prince Roland’s preppy digs, a white sweater and colored pants (not jeans!), pristine crown and a tennis racket will suffice.

Batman’s parents
While this idea may seem insensitive, it’s actually the coolest of the bunch. Dress up as if you were going out for a nice night at the theatre, but tape cutouts of gunshot wounds to your outfit. Bonus: find someone dressed up as Batman and linger around him or her (but don’t make them cry).
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