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‘Say OK’ to Vanessa Hudgens’ many looks

By Ana Hoyos

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Beginning as a child star on the Disney Channel, Vanessa Hudgens has become an iconic celebrity known for her carefree, unique style. Since her role as Gabriella Montez in “High School Musical,” Hudgens’ style has evolved and matured throughout the years, but she always stays true to her girly look.

Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

Hudgens always brings a youthful yet edgy style to the red carpet, wearing either vibrant colors or long dark dresses that give off sultry appeal. She has experimented with many styles, from punk rock and dark colors to the earthy, Bohemian look she’s been seen sporting at recent music festivals. A quick Internet search should reveal plenty of photos capturing the casual yet bold street style she wears when running an errand or strolling around town.

As winter rolls around, combat boots, camo or olive green jackets and parkas and cable knit sweaters are great investments to channel Hudgens’ look. H&M offers thick knit sweaters in plenty of colors for around $20 each, as well as knee- or thigh-high boots from $40 and up.

Another item to consider is a pair of flare jeans, which Hudgens often pairs with a crocheted top (which is easy to make yourself) and an oversized cardigan. Gap is known for its form-fitting flare jeans, available in all rises and washes from $40. Forever 21 also has a varied denim collection.

During the spring and summer, Hudgens is often seen wearing flowy, fresh, maxi dresses with cardigans or sweaters layered over them for a hippie-inspired touch. One casual look in particular consisted of a partially-sequined off-white maxi dress layered with a printed black and white cardigan and brown boots. She accessorized this simple outfit with several long, chunky necklaces, large piled-on rings, a slouchy white knit beanie and an Alexander Wang studded purse. Urban Outfitters has many casual (and even some formal) maxi dresses and tons of cardigans. Though these range from $40-$90, they are always worth the splurge.

Hudgens claims to love thrift shops, and visiting one is a great way to score her look, especially if you’re looking for the perfect pair of booties or some multicolored flannels on a budget. As for her designer items, a college student can always buy a similar knockoff style. Brandy Melville’s affordable designer-inspired T-shirts and beanies range from $10-$30, and online stores like ASOS and Nasty Gal constantly have sales on all their items. ASOS even includes a pre-owned and vintage section.

Replicating the Vanessa Hudgens look is easy and can be very affordable – all that you need is an eclectic taste and an eye for the right pieces. For more inspiration, you can find blogs dedicated to her street style, which include pictures of her festival or red carpet looks and the exact stores and designers responsible for her clothes and accessories in each.

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