FedEx drop boxes removed from campus

By Nikoleta Nikova

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Three out of the four FedEx drop boxes on the University of Massachusetts campus were removed this past month, according to Charles Apicella, who is the manager of mail and distribution services at UMass.

According to the UMass News and Media Relations Office, the three boxes that were removed were located at the Goodell Building, Whitmore Administrative Building and Campus Center.

Apicella said that “the decision to remove the boxes was not made by the university,” but by FedEx. He also added that UMass didn’t have a contract with FedEx but had decided to “let them install boxes because of (the) convenience to students, staff (and) faculty.”

Apicella believes that the reason that FedEx chose to remove its boxes was due to disappointing revenue, since the company was not receiving as much from the boxes as it had originally hoped.

Some students at UMass are very displeased with the decision by FedEx. Freshman Taylah Henry said that she was “very disappointed that the boxes were removed.” Henry added that “they should not have been removed because a lot of students used them and they were very useful.” She believes that “FedEx should bring (the boxes) back.”

Apicella agrees that the removal of nearly all of the FedEx boxes will be “very inconvenient for students.” He stated that “it will now be more difficult for students to send mail.”

According to Apicella, most students will now have to send their packages through UPS, and those who have not used UPS before will have to create a new account.

Despite the recent removals, Apicella emphasized that FedEx has not entirely vanished from campus, as one drop box still remains in the Lederle Graduate Research Center.

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