Collegian Conversations: Student Voices on Campus Issues

XiaoXiao Hu/Daily Collegian
XiaoXiao Hu/Daily Collegian

Collegian columnists discuss on-campus issues in this set of Collegian conversations.

Honors housing insults intelligence of non-honors students – Elise Martorano argues that the new honors college residential area creates the dangerous illusion of student hierarchy on campus.

Honors dorms have their ups and downs – Steven Gillard contests that the Commonwealth Honors College residential area provides beneficial amenities for students but is not without faults.

Bartlett demolition raises questions about fate of humanities community on campus –  Johnny McCabe describes both the necessity for Bartlett Hall’s demolition as well as the character it provides to the campus.

Activism, solidarity enhance student power – Zac Bears discusses the need for more student-body solidarity to achieve greater student representation in campus policies.