Top products to hydrate and moisturize for under $20

By Nia Decaille

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Maintain your skin’s moisture and banish dryness all season long using products that protect your skins natural oils and add a layer of protection. Winter is a tough time for your skin to retain moisture, but changing your skin regime doesn’t have to be difficult or require getting rid of your daily routine; you can find all of these products at your local drugstore or grocery store.

Exfoliating is a good way to slough off dead skin cells and keep your skin looking fresh. During the winter months exfoliating once a week or every other week , depending on skin sensitivity, can easily buff away dirt and improve your skin tone; especially for more oily skin types. For sensitive skin types, try to stay away from harsher scrubs that diminish the protective barriers around your skin.

As a cheaper and greener option, mix four tablespoons of baking soda with one tablespoon of water for a thin paste which acts as an exfoliant and antiseptic to clear breakouts. According to Melissa Matthews from, baking soda can unclog pores and is gentle enough for all skin types.

Your moisturizer can make or break your skin care regimen. You want to make sure that your daily moisturizer has SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s rays; even in the winter time. At night, try to use a moisturizer with a thicker or creamy consistency to add more. If your daily moisturizer isn’t doing enough, consider adding a vitamin E, almond or coconut oil for use at night. For oily skin types use this sparingly around the forehead and chin area.

Cetaphil’s Daily Moisturizer has SPF and is dermatologically approved for sensitive skin. This lotion is great for when you wake up in the morning and on your way to class. Don’t be afraid to use it a little liberally with the cold weather.

Olay’s Complete All Day Moisture Lotion and Aveeno’s Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer SPF-15 have a creamier consistency, but also have the benefit of SPF for protecting your skin.

A good a gentle cleanser can retain moisture and refrain from drying out your skin. Cetaphil’s Daily Cleanser is perfect for all skin types and is gentle enough so that it cleans your skin without stripping away its natural oils. This works best with acne prone, but dry combination skin types

Trade in your cleansers with exfoliating beads or alcohol content for sensitive skin type cleansers like Olay’s Foaming Face Washing for Sensitive Skin. Products with little or no salicylic acid can limit drying and chemical burn. Fighting back against the season of peeling, cracking and flaking under freezing temperatures doesn’t have to mean splurging on expensive doctor visits or prescriptions.

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