How to look fabulous this summer festival season

Caroline Dennett, Susannah Wright, Becca Fox, Ben Hyland, and Matt Zavalick chill out in style on Orchard hill. (Photo by Adria Kelly-Sullenger)

Caroline Dennett, Susannah Wright, Becca Fox, Ben Hyland, and Matt Zavalick chill out in style on Orchard hill. (Photo by Adria Kelly-Sullenger)

By Adria Kelly-Sullenger

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Last week I gave you the lowdown on festival fashion gone wrong, so this week, let’s talk about how to stand out (for all the right reasons) at every festival from Boston Calling to Governors Ball.

First, one of the most important rules to follow at any music festival is to show off your legs. The sun’s most likely going to be shining, so this is the perfect time to tan –plus, wearing less will help you stay cool throughout the day. One of the ways to do this is jean shorts (or, if you insist, “jorts”). High-waisted, distressed, torn, light blue, dark blue, cut-off; any or all of the above should definitely be in your festival wardrobe lineup. As a bonus, jean shorts are neutral in color, so most of the other clothing you bring with you will match easily for an effortless look. Overalls and rompers are another way to expose your legs, but if you opt for one of these styles, just make sure it fits well. If overalls are a little too basic for you, try adding a little flair by pairing them with a floral brassiere or bandeau and leather sandals.

Dresses and skirts are also a huge part of festival fashion. Find a well-fitting, unique maxi dress and you are all set for a relaxed Bohemian look. Exotic prints are unquestionably in this season so if you can find a dress or skirt that’s decorated in a tribal, Aztec or floral print, grab it and all eyes will be on you.

For skirts, you’ll want to go with something that’s loose. The sun will be beaming down all day, so skintight bottoms will probably end up being uncomfortable. Skater skirts are a great option because they provide airflow and will move with you while you dance.

For summer styles you can rock at any occasion, midriff tops and relaxed tanks are the top two trends for the 2014 summer season. Shop at your local thrift store to find a vintage T-shirt or tank top and crop it to fit your style. Match your new midriff top with high-waisted shorts or a skater skirt and you’ve got your outfit for the day. Although bikini bottoms aren’t an appropriate (or good) look, wearing a bandeau or bikini top under a cardigan or kimono can make an instantly cute look along with jean shorts or a maxi skirt.

In terms of shoes, look for a pair that will ensure comfort throughout the day – you’re going to be standing on your feet a lot. For flat shoes that are still fashionable, any kind of sandal or ankle boot will work, but Vans and Converse sneakers are great options as well.

For accessories, this year seems to be a flashback to the 1970s. A big, floppy hat will provide shade and look glamorous simultaneously, but other options include headbands made of flowers or long scarves tied around your hair. The scarf will even provide warmth if the weather gets cold during the festival’s later hours. For jewelry, the basic rule is the more creative, unique pieces, the better, so stock up and stack on as many bracelets and rings as you can manage.

Take into account any or all of the advice above and you are guaranteed to look stunning and have a great time at any music festival you find yourself attending over the summer season. Just be prepared for a little rain or even some mud. These things do happen outside, after all.

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