Overalls and whitewashed outfits trend in spring 2014

By Rebecca Smith

Mr Seb/Flickr
Mr Seb/Flickr

High fashion is often difficult to mimic. Thankfully, there are stores like Target, Forever 21 and H&M that offer a variety of different styles – and price ranges. This means that it’s easy to find cheaper alternatives to the fashions we see trending this season and hope to take inspiration from.

The most outrageous trend thus far is the resurgence of overalls, which seems to be taking the place of last spring’s jumpsuit and romper trend. From the farm to Fifth Avenue, celebrities like Selena Gomez have been seen rocking overalls with a cute bandeau and stylish heels. Overall shorts seem to be a big-ticket item this coming season as well, and when styled correctly they can really hit a home run.

Another big trend this season when it comes to bottoms is the introduction of  “the flirty skirt.” This is a knee-length skirt that starts tight-fitting and then flows out into pleats when it hits the knees. Semi-business casual is big in itself this spring, with dressy shorts and bejeweled tops on the rise as well.

As for colors, the black and white combination is still bombarding the fashion world, but this year there is a focus on purely white outfits. Another trend has been referred to as “a hint of pink:” one example would be a hot pink collar peaking out of an otherwise all-white outfit. Metallic and pastel colors will also be making a frequent appearance this season.

Inevitably there will be a few repeated trends this year, back by popular demand. The maxi skirt continues to be a tried-and-true trend for nearly anyone and everyone: they are easy to style and pull off that “effortless” look. Crop tops are going strong this spring as well, and with them of course will be the high-waisted short – a classic combination that is sure to stick around for years to come.

Contrary to previous years, the trends circulating this year are fairly wearable and easy for an everyday girl to pull off with a quick trip to the mall and about fifty dollars in her pocket. With styles from opposite ends of the spectrum, from the casual and laid back look of a maxi skirt to the preppy, business casual look of dressy shorts, you can be on point with the spring trends of 2014 no matter where your style lands.

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