British DJ Bonobo to headline Pearl Street Wednesday

By Stephanie Murray

Bonobo (Courtesy of David Burke/Flickr)
(David Burke/Flickr)

If Fantazia 360 wasn’t enough this past weekend, you can get your electronic dance music fix in Northampton this Wednesday night when British artist Bonobo lays down tracks at the Pearl Street Ballroom.

Currently, the DJ is at the top of his game, mixing bass and drums with electronic beats. Along with his cutting edge sound, he promises to bring a stunning light show to the venue.

Bonobo, whose real name is Simon Green, will be visiting Northampton as part of his North American DJ tour with Brooklyn DJ Jim-E Stack and Boston-based house musician Sam Whiting (Heart of House). With fans worldwide, Bonobo has already sold out shows ranging from London, England to Sydney, Australia. He also played a set at Coachella this past spring.

Green’s latest album, “The North Borders‚” was written in his New York studio, and was released in March 2013. Its standout track, “Cirrus,” has an infectious beat and an interesting accompanying music video. “Cirrus” is not like typical EDM. Where other more electronic tracks would fall flat, the instruments breathe life into Green’s music. The song “First Fires” (featuring Grey Reverend) seamlessly marries a crooning violin with pulsating drumbeats. Reverend’s voice smooths over the track to bring everything together.

Originally from Hampshire, England, Green got his start as an artist when he moved to Brighton. Influenced by the independent electronic label, Tru Thoughts, Green picked up the stage name Bonobo and started making music. His work most recently culminated in a nomination from the 2014 Association of Independent Music Awards for Best Live Act and Hardest Working Band.

Green will release his newest album, “The North Borders Tour-Live‚” on Oct. 6. The deluxe release will include a live album, hardback book and DVD of the tour.

Green’s style has evolved since his debut album release in 2000, “Animal Magic,” which earned him devoted fans from across the globe.

In 2010, he released the critically acclaimed album, “Black Sands‚” before following up two years later with “Black Sands Remixed,” a fresh, club-friendly take on some of his earlier tracks.

Green’s incredible sense of musicality lends itself to his unique style, an interesting combination of synthesizers, instruments and electronic beats. His website describes his music as having “no wasted moments,” and each track offers something a little different, showing how versatile Green’s style can be. His past releases include the 2003 LP “Dial M For Monkey” and many more EPs.

In addition to Reverend, Green has also collaborated with the likes of Szjerdene, Erykah Badu and many other talented artists. Along with paying meticulous attention to the instruments and beats themselves, Green also carefully selects the right vocals to complete his songs.

A typical Bonobo performance varies – sometimes he takes the stage with a 12-piece band, although this Wednesday he will be performing a solo DJ set.

Green has played 175 shows on three continents since the release of his latest album and he has no plans of slowing down. Following his shows in Northampton, he is set to end his tour at Alexandria Place in London, which is slated to be his largest show yet.

This Wednesday’s show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are available for $18 online or $20 at the door.

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