Policies for upcoming Homecoming game outlined by UMass Athletics

By Catherine Ferris

(Photo byCade Belisle)
(Photo byCade Belisle)

For those in attendance at this year’s Homecoming game, new responsibilities and regulations will be enforced at the event, taking place at the recently renovated McGuirk Stadium this Saturday. The return to McGuirk Stadium has prompted a number of new policies for tailgating and parking on game days.

University of Massachusetts Athletics laid out the regulations, drinking policies, parking, medical services and traffic plans on the UMass Football website.

Tailgating is permitted four hours before the game starts, and may continue 90 minutes after the end of the game. Fans are not allowed to remain in the parking lot during the duration of the game, and will be asked to either enter the stadium, or leave the tailgate area.

Both UMass Police as well as UMass Parking Services will be on site to make sure traffic will flow smoothly.

In addition to ensuring that traffic will be safe, the UMPD will also be enforcing state laws. These are outlined on the website, specifying that those under the age of 21 years of age who are holding or drinking alcohol or driving a vehicle that contains alcohol are subject to arrest. The UMass Football website also noted that those under the influence of alcohol while driving, as well as those who create a dangerous situation are subject to arrest.

UMPD will be able to check the identification of campus guests, students and football patrons who are drinking alcohol. Students are also held accountable for on-campus rules and regulations that are to be associated with these legal violations.

Beverages must be consumed from non-glass containers, and drinking games involving excessive alcohol consumption are prohibited.

The site also reminded fans that UMass is a tobacco free campus.

Guests are invited to participate in the activities on MinuteFan Way, which will include live entertainment, mini golf, video game trailers and face painting. MinuteFan Way is scheduled to be open to the public four hours before game time.

Medical Services will be located in the southwest corner of the stadium, as well as in a marked tent on MinuteFan Way next to Parking Lot 11.

Parking policies were also outlined in the release, noting that season ticket holder parking is available in Lot 11 for the upcoming football season, while handicapped parking will be available inside the stadium on the scoreboard end in Red Lot. Any other traffic will be directed to lots 22 and 23, which are across from the Southwest Residential Area. Cars must find a lot to park as, “Roadside parking is prohibited unless otherwise directed.”

Players and fans alike are excited for the atmosphere around football games on campus.

“A lot of people on campus are talking about how they can’t wait to come,” offensive tackle Tyrell Smith said at practice Wednesday. “Everybody always complains like ‘I don’t want to come all the way to Gillette,’ now all they have to do is get up, come out, tailgate and walk over to the game.”

The return to McGuirk begins with the homecoming game this Saturday at 3 p.m., followed by two other games on Oct. 18 and Nov. 12.

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