Halloween Special Issue

By Arts & Living Staff

(James Desjardin/Daily Collegian)
(James Desjardin/Randy Crandon/Daily Collegian)

Happy Halloween from the Daily Collegian!

Humans vs. Zombies: UMass’ most dangerous game
A look into this semester’s on-campus Humans vs. Zombies game and its final hours.

Halloween and sitcoms

What’s so special about Halloween episodes?

To live and die and live again
From ghouls to the Infected to walkers: the evolution of the zombie.

A haunting at UMass
The UMass History Club gave a tour of the most haunted places on campus Monday.

It’s not just a costume, it’s a culture
Understanding the importance of cultural appropriation, its harmful effects and ways to avoid committing it.

Five reasons why Halloween is the best holiday
Don’t you love pumpkin-flavored pancakes? Or finally getting to wear your pirate ensemble?

(Claire Anderson/Daily Collegian)
(Claire Anderson/Daily Collegian)

The anatomy of a horror game
A breakdown of the horror genre in video games and what makes a truly good horror game.

Murderous child subgenre in horror films
The common tropes of an ignored sub section in the horror genre.

Group Halloween costumes inspired by the roles of Hollywood icons
The past roles of these Hollywood stars are perfect for those looking for group-themed costumes this Halloween.

The broke college student horror comic buyers guide
These titles will leave you sleepless but not penniless.

B-horror films: hits and misses of the nightmare genre
Five movies you should’ve seen and 11 you should never have to.