The Quarters a hub for video game and bar lovers alike

By Christian Yapor

(Christina Yacono/Daily Collegian)
(Christina Yacono/Daily Collegian)

Located on the Norwottuck Rail Trail in Hadley, a unique “barcade” known as The Quarters provides customers the opportunity to eat, drink and play classic arcade games.

With a menu consisting of mainly street food as well as vegan options, a bar that features original game-themed cocktails, draft beer and over 20 vintage arcade games, The Quarters offers entertainment for all ages.

“During the day, especially on the weekends, it’s a family place for sure,” said Dani O’Brien, a graduate student of the University of Massachusetts. “At night, it’s more of a traditional bar.”

The Quarters hosts a number of themed events where guests show up dressed for that theme. In the past, these events included “Wrestling Night,” “Hell Night” and “Star Wars Night.”
The Quarters also hosts a nerd-themed trivia night on Mondays.

Owners and UMass alumni George Myers and Greg Stutsman opened the “barcade” to attract a diverse crowd of guests with its old-school feel.
“We wanted a space that could speak to a pretty wide range of people,” said Myers, who is also the general manager.

“There’s something for everyone here,” O’Brien added.
Although The Quarters is relatively new – it just opened this past January – it has been popular with locals.

“It’s unique for this area, there isn’t a lot like this around here,” said Steve Orszulak, a UMass Information Technology employee. “I feel like it’s a solid location that’s relatively close to Amherst, but not downtown Amherst.”

On Saturday mornings, The Quarters offers an all-you-can-eat “cereal buffet,” and all-you-can-play games for $10.

“We’re actually just starting off a Wednesday night promotion for students, where they show their student IDs, and they get unlimited tokens for $5,” Myers said.

Julia Mawdsley, a UMass graduate student, sees The Quarters as something different from a typical bar. “I like that it’s a bar with something to do,” she said.

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