The Collegian covers the 2015 SGA election

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The Collegian has comprehensive coverage of the Student Government Association and Graduate Student Senate election – with profiles on the candidates, info on how the voting process has changed, and student perspective:

Debate Coverage

SGA presidential and vice presidential debates address campus-wide issues, despite low turnout and missing ticket
SGA presidential and vice presidential candidates from two of the three tickets spoke about issues regarding tuition and fees, transparency and SGA reforms.

Student trustee debate informs on issues despite unsteady moderation
The four candidates for student trustee debated Tuesday night, providing information about each of their platforms despite a muddled format.

Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates

Kelly/Gay campaign to focus on transparency, accessibility and sexual assault training
President and vice presidential candidates Charlotte Kelly and Sammi Gay hope to show that all students have the capability to become a student leader.


Outsider candidates Rocco Giordano and Dhananjay (Danny) Mirlay Srinivas intent on shoring up student-administration relationship, getting more voices heard

Giordano/Mirlay Srinivas ticket believes experience working with and for students has prepared them to take over SGA leadership.


Barrett/Barbosa ‘ready on day one’

SGA Speaker Sïonan Barrett and Secretary of Public Relations and Recruitment Chantal Lima Barbosa are running for president and vice president of the student body, vowing to be ready to make change on day one.


Student Trustee Candidates

Student trustee candidate Kabir Thatte looks to create his own path as a UMass legacy student within SGA
Chairman sees trustee position as an opportunity to work with graduate students and address diversity issues on campus.

Emily O’Neil hopes to increase diversity and improve Title IX training as student trustee
Current chair of the Diversity and Student Engagement Committee wants to be a true representative of both the undergraduate and graduate student body.

Gabriel Schmitt hopes to improve UMass health services as student trustee
With experience on the SGA Senate, health council and house council, Schmitt believes he knows UMass well enough to act as student trustee.

An outsider to the SGA, student trustee candidate Nicholas Vigneau says he brings a fresh perspective
Increasing campus diversity, improving the student disciplinary process and boosting student involvement are central components of Vigneau’s campaign.

Election Reform

The election process has been reformed in an effort to address some of the concerns raised during last year’s election, when the winning ticket was invalidated after the election.


Lack of transparency from Elections Commission endangers spring ballot – Zac Bears
Focus on transparency and reform has disappeared from the Elections Commission’s actions, endangering the spring election.