Letter: Appalled at local police’s poor training on domestic violence

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(Alex Lindsay/Daily Collegian)

(Alex Lindsay/Daily Collegian)

To the editor:

I am appalled by the poor training of the local police. On the night of Monday, April 6, near Haigis Mall, a very scared woman said she’d gotten separated from her friends and needed help, but was adamant I not call the police. While I was asking her questions to try to better help her, a man walked up behind her and asked what was going on. She didn’t respond. I asked her if she knew this man, and again she stayed silent. Finally, the man said, “let’s go,” impatiently and she jumped up quickly, hugged and thanked me, and followed after him.

I called the police and told them everything. In a follow-up call, the policeman noted “She followed him? So she wasn’t under duress. She could have left if she wanted.”

If I’d gotten the sense that she was joining this man of her own free volition, I would not have felt compelled to call the authorities in the first place. I was told to expect another follow-up call, but it never came. Clearly the department needs to be retrained in its handling of potential domestic violence cases.

A.D. Class of 2016