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Letter: Great read on study spaces

By Evan Dunn

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To the editor:

As a senior at the University of Massachusetts, I felt I had mastered the art of finding the best place to study on campus. My personal favorites are on the 22nd floor of the library or the closed off cubbies in the basement.

Reading the article by Emily Johnson, “The best places to study, both on and off campus,” made me realize how studying tactics vary between individuals. Some find that on campus, dorm studying is the best, and some swear by the coffee shop, Rao’s, in the center of town.

Compiling this data for The Daily Collegian was a very interesting read. It proves how unique this campus and its students are. With UMass offering so many different majors, it is no surprise that it attracts the widest variety of students from around the country and even the world. Analyzing these students makes one really think about the differences between them and the type of studying and workspace they thrive in.

Previously stated, I personally like the library, but when I feel the need to get work done off campus, I find my apartment or the new Starbucks over in Hadley very welcoming.

Johnson’s article did an amazing job providing information to all students, even showing seniors like myself new places to study for finals coming up. It’s never too late to branch out and try a new café or building to get through finals for the last time. I continually find myself missing this campus even before having left for grad school.

Evan Dunn
Class of 2015

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