SGA Senator hopes to educate students on Campus Pulse

By Elizabeth Kane

The Campus Pulse page has a list of RSOs and upcoming events on campus.
The Campus Pulse page has a list of RSOs and upcoming events on campus.

Student Government Association Senator Amy Gebo is currently in the process of developing plans to fix Campus Pulse, the University of Massachusetts’ official channel of communication.

Operated by UMass Student Activities and Involvement, Campus Pulse is presented to students as their “gateway to hundreds of campus activities, campus offices and more than 200 student organizations,” according to the Student Life website. Gebo, however, said she received many complaints from students about the site and suggestions to get rid of it, which motivated her to find the source of its problems, as well as learn about its benefits.

“We cannot get rid of Campus Pulse,” Gebo said. “There are many other websites and other things contingent on this website. I have met with Erin Donnally Drake, from Student Activities and Involvement and she taught me how beneficial Campus Pulse truly is.”

Gebo believes the lack of communication on Campus Pulse is due to students not knowing how to use it. She said that she is in the preliminary stages of developing plans to get students to utilize all the site has to offer, starting with her plan to get Campus Pulse training sessions to occur during New Student Orientation and Registered Student Orientation trainings.

“Previously (Campus Pulse training sessions) were involved in both, but for many reasons were taken out,” Gebo said. “I would like to see students lead Campus Pulse sessions during NSO. I have also spoken to Erin Donnally Drake about adding Campus Pulse trainings to RSO trainings. She thinks it is a good idea and I will need to talk to the Student Activities and Involvement advisors that head these trainings.”

Gebo wants to reintroduce Campus Pulse training sessions in the coming year as a start to achieving her goal of teaching students how to use the site so that it is more widely used across campus.

“I hope Campus Pulse will become a virtual place where RSOs can advertise their events, administration can present their announcements and students can have outreach to all other students and groups,” Gebo said. “My plan is to have every student use Campus Pulse for everything it offers.”

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