Mitt Romney would be Republicans’ best hope in 2016

By Owen Wiggins

(JMP/Abaca Press/MCT)
(JMP/Abaca Press/MCT)

Nov. 8, 2016 is closer than it seems. Come this day, our nation will elect the next president of the United States, the 45th in its history. Conservatives are on edge while they place false hope in candidates. But I have news for Republicans: None of the current candidates are qualified to be our next president.

None of the Republican candidates have what it takes to win an election against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the Democratic side. Conservatives cannot look at the list of current candidates and expect to find a qualified nominee. The Republican Party needs a new hope. It needs someone that is more than the sum of their actions. It needs a leader of the highest character and intellect.

The time wasn’t right in 2012. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney faced an incumbent president and a political strategist of the highest caliber in Barack Obama. But 2016 would be different. If Romney had another chance as the nominee he would likely face a Democratic nominee in Clinton who many registered voters do not trust.

We need a president who possesses the financial literacy to address our current economic situation. We need a president who can bring peace to the Middle East and not just correct symptoms. We need a president who can tackle immigration reform equitably and thoughtfully and who can talk about race relations in our country and not shy away from sensitive discussions. Lastly, we need a President who can raise the standard of public debate in this country. In Mitt Romney, Americans can see character, honesty and experience. These are the qualities Americans should consider when deciding who to vote for in 2016.

Romney is worthy of the power and responsibility vested in the office of the president. He warned the nation in 2012 of the rising tensions in the Middle East and potential global aggressions on behalf of Russia. His foresight was doubted by many and put down by current President Obama. In Romney, the Republican Party would again have a qualified candidate who would outshine the Democratic nominee on his way to the presidency.

The current leader in the Republican field has one quality that intrigues Americans. Donald Trump will talk about anything, as he is willing to stray from political correctness. Trump lacks choice for words and basic knowledge of the Constitution but he isn’t afraid to talk about matters that divide us.

Americans are afraid to engage in discussion on sensitive issues. The slightest disagreement in conversations on racial tensions, the war on poverty, cost of attending college and accepting refugees from the Middle East can earn dissenters the labels of racist, narcissistic, greedy, and careless. The sensitive issues are the ones that require the most discussion. With inspiration from Patrick Henry’s quote, “In proportion to the magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate,” Trump’s suspicion is not a virtue because his object is not the public good. And he fails to stay within the proper bounds.

In Romney, we would have a man of character, wisdom and thoughtfulness. His aim is and will continue to be the public good. Americans, not just members of the Republican Party, should hope for Romney to enter the race.

Romney would raise the standard of public debate and present a legitimate alternative to Clinton. Americans deserve a great debate on the issues that the United States, and the world, face today.

Such a debate is not possible with the current state of the Republican Party. Trump is a larger than life candidate who overshadows any current Republican hopeful. A positive outcome for Republicans in 2016 is unlikely right now.

Republicans, and Americans alike, need a new hope. As a young conservative, I’m not interested in voting for any of my party’s candidates. There is one person I would like to vote for but he isn’t running yet. I hope that changes.

Owen Wiggins is a Collegian contributor and can be reached at [email protected]