The Daily Collegian is seeking a web developer

By Mark Chiarelli

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian, the independent student newspaper serving the UMass community, is seeking a self-motivated and flexible web developer to join its staff of undergraduate students. Candidates should be proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. Familiarity with FTP is a plus. A web developer would also need previous experience working with WordPress and its file structure. Any experiences using databases (MySQL) is a positive. Applicants must be experienced in debugging Javascript and PHP programs. Knowledge or familiarity with website protection from malicious injections is appreciated.

Candidates should have experience with …

  • HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript
  • WordPress
  • Javascript and PHP programs
  • Working in group settings
  • Strong communication skills

It’s recommended but not required that candidates …

  • Have experience debugging Javascript and PHP programs
  • Experience with multiple programming languages
  • Prior experience in website building
  • Any experience or interest in media and journalism is a bonus.

This position will primarily focus on web design. We encourage creative individuals interested in gaining further experience and bolstering his or her’s resume to apply. The web developer position is brand new, and the Collegian is flexible in the weekly structure of the job and interested in learning from those who apply.

If you’re interested in producing work that is seen by thousands in the Amherst community, please send a resume, any prior experience and a short note as to why you’re interested in the job to [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you.