Jill Stein to visit Northampton to speak on presidential election platform

By Nujhat Purnata

(Judith Gibson-Okunieff/Collegian)
(Judith Gibson-Okunieff/Collegian)

Jill Stein, the official nominee of the Green Party in the 2016 presidential election, will be visiting Northampton to speak at the First Churches of Northampton on Sunday, Sept. 18 from 7-9 p.m. She will be addressing the students from the Five College area as well as the general public regarding her election platform.

“Jill will describe her vision of a future that puts people, planet and peace over profit. A future that is possible and very much within our reach,” said Jamie Guerin, volunteer coordinator for the Green Rainbow Party and Massachusetts Volunteers for Jill Stein on the event Facebook page.

Stein will be talking about her plan to eliminate student debt, which she says will also free those who have already graduated from debt servitude. She will also speak about “A Green New Deal,” a plan to create millions of jobs by transitioning to 100 percent clean renewable energy by 2030, and investing in public transit, sustainable agriculture and conservation.

The event, co-sponsored by the Green Rainbow Party, the International Socialist Organization of the University of Massachusetts and the Jill Stein campaign, will also focus on issues of racial, social, economic and environmental justice.

“The public is ready to hear a message for the greater good and not settle for the lesser of two evils,” said Guerin.

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