Fashion gurus at the tip of your finger

By Cynthia Ntinunu

Влад Иванов/ Flickr)
(Влад Иванов/ Flickr)

Have you ever wanted a personal stylist? Someone who could give you tips on the seasons trendiest pieces, making you immune to those fitful mornings with nothing to wear? Well your fashion prayers have been answered by YouTube. Fashion YouTubers are essentially stylists who provide advice on how to transition styles seamlessly into a new season.

With thousands of fashion channels out there, it can be overwhelming when you first set out to find a YouTuber that suits your style. Lucky for you, we created a list of five creative YouTubers who are guaranteed to impress.

Joel aka Gallucks

Gallucks, a London based blogger, is a nontraditional YouTuber in the fashion realm. The fashion world of YouTube is often dominated by women, so it’s refreshing to see a man make a splash in the fashion pool. He favors minimalistic looks, which is evident by the black and white color scheme grazing his page. His style staples include black ripped jeans, Chelsea boots, boxy t-shirts, flannels and more. Recurring brands on his channel are Zara and Fear of God, which are two of his favorite clothing stores.

Currently at 26,682 subscribers, Gallucks offers an array of fashion videos extending his style to home decor as well. So for men’s 2016 fashion and room inspiration, check out his channel.

Brandon Hayden aka “Happily Dressed”

Sticking with the theme of men’s fashion, “Happily Dressed” on YouTube breaks stereotypes by refuting the idea that “men can’t wear pink.” Encouraging men to step out of their comfort zones and reject gendered clichés, Brandon runs his own fashion race with a personalized style of neutrals and pinks.

Though he only has 3,117 subscribers, which is on the lower side for a YouTuber, his unique style shines through with thrifted and “bargain bin” pieces. He’s not afraid to experiment with colors, silhouettes and prints – a territory often avoided by men. His most popular video is “Spring Trends 2016|Men’s Fashion|Happily Dressed” with 20,000 plus views. Check out his thrifting videos to get tips on how to look trendy for less.

Remi Cruz aka “MissRemiAshten”

Moving towards more popular YouTubers, “MissRemiAshten” is the “it” girl right now. With a personality so infectious she could make the Grinch smile, Remi is a fan favorite in YouTube fashion. She currently has over 1.4 million loyal subscribers virtually camping out to see her latest DIY room decor videos.

As far as personal style goes, she is into bright pinks and blues which is evident on her page. She’s a plus-sized woman who advocates for the body acceptance of all women, which makes her channel that much more interesting to subscribe to. While refusing to let her size define her and encouraging everyone to do the same, Remi creates colorful outfit-of-the-day videos. Check out her “Back to School Outfit Ideas” video to get some inspiration for campus friendly fashion trends.

Cassie & Ricci aka “Tothe9s”

A Canadian based duo started their channel to showcase their unique yet fresh style. Now, three years later, they have gained over 417,000 subscribers. A fun fact about them is that they’re both college students, which makes them more relatable for most subscribers.

With both Cassie and Ricci’s personalities being on the channel, it allows for a variety of styles and outlooks that a single YouTuber couldn’t provide. While sticking to their own styles, their perspectives often intersect, which makes it obvious why they started a channel together. Cassie favors the more feminine, elegant side of trends, while Ricci leans towards the street, urban side of fashion.

“Tothe9s” has styling videos on current pieces like “culottes” or “mom jeans,” favorites among many. Two things you can expect from this duo are expertly styled “lookbooks” and high quality editing. Check out one of their latest videos “NEUTRALS LOOKBOOK: No Black Clothes Challenge,” a video challenging everyone to step out of their fashion comfort zones.

Steph and Mel aka “The Fashion Citizen”

Steph and Mel turn the meaning of fashion guru upside down. Most fashion YouTubers shop at big brand name stores like Zara, H&M and Topshop. But Steph and Mel take a step back from these corporate brands and opt for thriftier options. Many of their style videos feature clothing from Savers, Goodwill and other thrift shops.

Being unique in the way that they style and shop caused these Arizona based gurus to wrangle up more than 321,000 subscribers. Their style is a blend of minimal and vintage with the integration of bold prints and colors.

With both girls showcasing their distinctive flair, it allows for their channel to have diverse style content. Itching to learn how to make your own clothes and get an even bigger bang for your buck? Check out their “DIY Zara Inspired Top” video.

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